GOOD NEWS! Not all of your thrift store purchases are demon possessed...

Just some. 

I know it's hard to fathom that people still believe in demons, let alone demonic possession - but... the demon possession of THINGS (haunted spooooky things!) and who knows what lurks in that spanky tweed sport coat you picked up at Goodwill (I assume Salvation army has a ritual of some sort to exorcise eeeevilness from their donated goods). 

Pat Robertson - who gives out wonderful advice to our youth from "tell mom dad would pay more attention to her if she hadn't gone to seed" to this little gem: 

I suppose if your sweater is pea-green and projectile vomiting... 

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Oh noes!! What will I do now?

My favorite response is:  "I thought Dinosaurs were extinct, but the PataRobosaurus still roams the Earth."  

When I was seriously questioning mormonism, the fact that the church didn't mention demons anymore was one of reasons I thought the church was false.  Another, of many, changing doctrines that was supposed to be true at one time.

Demon possessed! Really? I'll take 10 of those and 2 of those and... 

Super Cautious? More like superstitious Pat...





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