Hello All,
I'm an atheist, as the title suggests, and kind of a goofball. I prefer to use humor as a means to convey my point rather than to use silly things like facts.
I am part of a local atheist group, but I hope to be able to find people on here to chat with. I was part of a christian forum several years ago, but it was a pretty hateful site and was a small part of why I am now an atheist. The big reason is I started thinking for myself and when I began reading and looking into religious beliefs in general I realized that they just don't stand up to scrutiny.

--Jay Pea

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hello Jay,

Greetings and welcome to this forum..Contrary to any religious forum filled with people who like to pass judgments on others while accepting no scrutiny for themselves, this is a pretty friendly place..And I am sure you will find many like minded and very decent folks here.. :-)
Thank you.
I have found that atheists tend to be more moral and overall easier to get along with because they do not need to base their actions on a book inspired by Pretend God, who is really just a big bully.
Agree with your observations!
Nerd doesn't that kill the mood?
Ray Comfort...(disgusted full body shiver)...

I like to use satire and ridicule whenever possible to prove my point. Like when I lit my shoe on fire and threw it at a statue of Porky Pig in celebration of Easter.




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