I just got an email from my fellow Subgenii showing a nice Google Map page with pins on where members are from. Maybe it would be cool to get one of those maps for AN, and we can add our pins if we are so inclined?


I could start one if no one is interested in having it be on the front page.

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I'm in. How do we add in pins?
Well, as soon as someone makes an AN map, there's an edit button on the map's site. You then go to your area and then find the icon to "add a pin," and then it lets you make a comment and place a name on the site. Just like the old frappr, which I already have:

I'm having trouble with it currently, (the "hellbound heretics" one) but it's got almost a thousand members already.For some reason, I can't load the damned pages.
There was one waaaaay back. It got removed and has been on the "to do" list ever since.
how about just adding a sort of members by country?


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