I was surprised a discussion had not been started on this topic already.  This is of a concern to women, minorities, other than Christians and most especially gays and lesbians.  If you haven't read or heard about it already, here's a little more information:  http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/slavery-language-removed-group-m...


This blog from the Washington Post discusses the marriage pledge and how Michelle Bachmann's husband has received $138,000 in Medicaid payments to "cure" homosexuality:



Several articles out there focus on the threat to gays and minorities in this pledge, but not to women.  This article talks about how women need "protection" from "seduction into promiscuity" and banning pornography:  http://www.mediaite.com/online/michelle-bachmann-signs-social-conse...   Sorry about the pop up, it was the best I could find in regards to annoying ads.  


Finding a copy of the original actual pledge has proved to be more of a time consuming challenge than I want to spend my time on just to find something I know will make me want to puke. 


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Disgustingly anti-gay and anti-polyamory.


It's difficult to believe that Medicaid pays for religious training. 

One of the biggest hospitals here in my town just sold itself to "Peacehealth", a catholic-run group.  They emphasized that patients would be given spiritual as well as medical care, and there would be religious imagery in the rooms.  Considering that many people get sick when older (Medicare) and many young people have limited resources (Medicaid), there is sigificant federal money going into these institutions of religious proselytizing.

I went to an emergency room at a St. Mary's hospital. The hospitalalist came by to review my case then the priest asking if I wanted a prayer. They did some blood tests and biopsies. They didn't have specialists in the required field of medicine. I transfered myself to a university hospital and took an hour ambulance ride for surgery. The difference between the two was incredible. St. Mary's hospital was really clean. I took a bath after one day. I spent ten days at the university hospital and had two surgeries and was never given the opportunity to take a bath. The university hospital was really filthy. They had patients lined up in rows along the hallways. 

The religious institution looked good on the outside, but couldn't perform. Everyone should make sure they have a medical power of attorney. 



That university hospital sounds awful.  I hope it's changed. 

They both sound bad.  I hope the university hospital cleans up it's act.
The University hospital was like a triage center. The other was like a prayer center. I receive a lot of letters from St. Mary's hospital asking for donations.
At this stage, the Republican strategy seems to be reactionary social agenda, with religious pandering.  Blame economic wars on Democrats without offereing anything other than vague magical thinking of cut social safety nets and lower taxes.  And pray a lot.

I think all federal payments for "gay curing" services should be terminated.  Every single bit of reputable science says that being gay is not abnormal nor a disease.  It's like putting a cast on an arm that's not broken then declaring it cured.  Repubs want to save money and slash services.  Well, here's one they could completely remove and it would only help people.


I know reading the entire pledge could lead to long term projectile vomiting. 

I agree with you completely.
I think I read it in full on the Dawkins site. I think it's absolutely wonderful that Bachmann is signing it. She's the front-runner for the GOP so far, so it'll certainly complicate matters for them. She's a pretty horrific person - one can't live that long in the big city and claim to just be misguided.
The rumor is that Bachmann's "pray away the gay" husband is a self loathing gay himself.  I don't usually listen to rumors but in Bachmann's case - as she is trying to ruin the lives of millions of gays and lesbians kicking dirt on her doesn't really bother me.  As for her husband, gay or not, he's a miserable SOB.




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