The whole purpose of the recent budget negotiations between Paul Ryan and Patty Murray was to find a compromise that would avoid future government shutdowns and a default on  US debt obligations. That was the basis on which Ryan sold it to his fellow Republicans in the House when he said that the deal "helps produce more certainty because it stops a potential government shutdown in January and it stops a potential government shutdown in October." Of course the deal itself creates additional deficit and will require a compensating rise in the debt ceiling. It has not yet passed the Senate and many Republicans there are opposed.

That was a few days ago and this morning Ryan reversed course on Fox in an interview in which he indicated that Republicans will soon be meeting to decide what it is they want in return for raising the debt ceiling the next time it becomes necessary—sometime after February 7th next year.

If the GOP insists on concessions in return for raising the debt ceiling, the President and his party have only two choices; 1) give in to whatever they ask for and relinquish all hope of governing for the next three years or 2) hold the line and let the government shutdown and the country default on its obligations.

These tactics on the part of the GOP are an attempt to reverse the results of the 2012 election and nullify the presidency of Obama.

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since they took control of the House they haven't done ANYTHING obama wants.  that's called obstructionism.  the dude won the presidency twice by popular vote, throw the guy a bone.  there are obviously a lot of people who agree with him.  better yet, let him do most of what he wants.  if they're bad policies the country will reject his party and elect the alternative.  that's the way it's normally worked, until recently.  

Hell, they even said in his first term that they aren't going to let any of his policies through.  This includes policies that they were in favor of.  So where are you getting your definition of obstructionism?




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