I was watching MSNBC today and saw a report that the GOP is on the attack against science. They want to make it so that science must be able to justify every grant they ask for. This, I fear, will severely limit scientific progress in certain areas at least, and will open the door to getting Creation Science added to school science classes. What I think the GOP is trying to do is make science subservient to religion. In my opinion this is a dangerous development. Seems like we're on the fast track back to the Dark Ages.



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Fortunately President Obama has said he will fight against this; hopefully that fight will actually be meaningful.

Political control over scientific research seems an awful lot like the Soviet Union; don't tell the GOP that.

Old article:  Republican War on Science and Reason  Washington Post,  Katrina vanden Heuvel:

"Republicans have become proudly and unquestionably anti-science. (It is their litmus test, though they would probably reject the science behind litmus paper."


"They have come to this conclusion not because the science is inconclusive, but because they believe, as a matter of principle, that scientific evidence is no evidence at all."

The Republican party plays to the "anti-elitist" idea that science and education are for eggheads and liberals.  I doubt they feel the same way when they are diagnosed with cancer or have a heart attack.

Not to forget, one of the first groups George W. Bush paid back for help in getting him elected for his first term was the radical religious right.  It came in the form of limiting the number of embryos for stem cell research.  Also, if you examine the makeup of the science committee in the House, you will find a plethora of preachy fundamentalists.  Their knowledge of science could be written on one side of an aspirin tablet.  They are goofballs, numbskulls, and know nothings.  Also, remember that the last GOP platform called for an end to teaching "critical thinking" in schools.  We don't want anyone dreaming up any new technology or finding a cure for the common cold. Let God do it for us.




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