Gophers are turning my backyard into a lunar landscape. I don’t want to be cruel to these darling little critters, but I’ve had it. I’ve investigated traps, poison gas, and explosives. If I could somehow chase them off my property, they’d simply move to my nice neighbor’s yard and tear it up. Should I just accept them as pets?


Perhaps death isn’t so bad for a gopher; if the Lord keeps his eye on the sparrow, he must certainly keep it on the gopher as well. With faith the size of a mustard seed I can picture angels coming down to carry off the dead gophers to their own heaven—a manicured yard of infinite expanse? Solutions are appreciated.

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May I suggest investing in a dog or two?

* Less Gophers on property
* Friendly Companions
* Less KIDS on property

* Gopher carcass in house

Hi Jason,


Thanks for the suggestion. I have a tenant living in my home who has a dog. When that dog spotted a gopher, he dug his own small crater trying to extract the gopher from its tunnel.



Hi Hollyn,


Thanks for Intriguing suggestion.  Using nematodes as a means of gopher control is a new one on me.  I think it's worth a try. Your application instructions are helpful.



One itty bitty problem with the nematode destroying the gopher's food. Their food does not include insects. Also destroying worms and such in the soil will be very bad for your plants.

Gophers are strict vegetarians. They tunnel near the soil surface to eat bulbs, grasses, roots, seeds, tubers, and sometimes tree bark.

 Perhaps a wildlife shelter can help you remove them.


You can also use non lethal traps.

Hi Goz,


Thanks for your helpful info in this discussion.  If I captured a live gopher, I'm not sure what I'd do with it.  If I could persuade the local animal control department to pick it up, they'd probably do to it what I didn't have the courage to do. It's not likely they'd try to find it a loving home.  I suppose I could release it far from my home--so it could ravage someone else's property.






Take it to a wildlife shelter,they will re-locate it. I used to be a rehabber and we sometimes had to remove bats and such from people's property. You should be able to find some assistance from them.

We used to do the hose in hole or smoke bomb in hole with a waiting shotgun trick.  You're probably in the city, so that would be unwise.  You could still do the hose thing or smoke bomb thing, but it probably wouldn't move them along permanently. 

Hi Travis,


Thanks for your ideas.  Since I do live in the city, shotgun blasts are out of the question. I'd go for the hose-in-hole method if I could get the gophers to pay my water bill.  I may try smoking them out.



Hi Hollyn,

I didn't consider that—and I've already spent a small fortune on high-quality grass. Now what am I supposed to do with all this grass?


I don't know if it is true, but I've heard that if you take some Juicyfruit gum, twist it, and put it in the hole, the gophers will eat it and die.  The claim says that you need to leave the gum in the foil wrapper and handle it with gloves so as not to get your scent on the gum. 


I'm skeptical of this method, but for the low price, it is probably worth a shot.

Nope,won't work. Rodents hate chewing on aluminum foil. They are also not stupid enough to eat something like that.




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