we often think of religion as a stupid but harmless pastime for zealots.  stories like this remind us that it can be much, much worse than that.  and it reminds me that many of these evangelicals would like to have Biblical Law become the law of the land here in America.  

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Thanks watching the video now. And I do think the bible is extremely intolerant - just like the followers of the bible.


Thank you for posting this.

I'm aware of the problems of evangelical groups, some in particular, giving large amounts of money and outreach to promote dangerous bigotry in Africa.  Any time that information can be spread, I'm grateful for.

It dismays me that so few people are aware of the extent of the American evangelical agenda, or their power, to persecute LGBT people abroad.

I think about what a small dividing line there is between what these amazingly hate filled christians, do abroad, and what they have done in the past in the US and Europe.   People have forgotten, or never knew.  While they describe their work with spacy smiles and hippy-style loviness, the results are oppression, jail, beatings, discrimination, and sometimes, death.  Not exaggerating.

Thanks again for posting.  Awareness is vital.

very welcome, my friend.  it seems to me that evangelicals take empathy to a very bad place.  many of their members likely have good intentions, oblivious to the fact that their leaders have much more nefarious objectives.  

I couldn't finish the video.  My blood pressure was increasing too much.  


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