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Since Christians know better -- thanks to a conscience arising from empathy and reason, rather than the bible -- they could consider the bible just as (un)authoritative in other areas!

It's not hard to see how Christianity became the religion of slave holders, but confounding that it became the religion of slaves as well.  I see this in black communities here in the US Southeast, and among Native Americans where they survive across the continent.  Those who have been oppressed embrace the values imposed upon them by their oppressors.  The only reason that I can come up with is that Christianity includes a built-in escape clause -- whatever tribulations are encountered in this life will be reversed and rewarded in the next.  This is the sort of 'thinking' that flies airplanes into buildings.


Very well said, Ted.

Yup. The promise of pie in the sky when you die can smooth over a multitude of sins wrongs. AND it devalues real life.


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