Ok so i just clicked that link to that Eric Hovind's loser site and it had one of those videos about now the river enters at at 2800 feet exits at 1800 feet and the top of the canyon is at 7500ish feet. I remember hearing the reason behind this but I cant remember it anymore can some one explain it to meh?

Maybe the land wasnt perfectly flat is something id think about idk.

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Th emost probably factor in the formation of the Grand Canyon is water in liquid and solid form (ice). Remember that this area was covered by oceans millions of years ago. Water moves constantly (Earth's rotation, moon, continental drift, shifting, etc) and its effect on desert areas is substantially greater than on areas with deep vegetation. One excellent source for fact is www.durangobill.com.

It seems those most ignorant of a subject (Hovind) are also the ones most eager to express their views. Like Hollywood morons scolding us about poverty from their home on the Riviera. I tell Noah fans that if the Bible is true all (except for the boatload of creatures) people, fish, birds, insects and plants would die. Plus, world population in 3000 BC was around 25 million (not 8).

Take Care
Ive been researching it since ive wrote this last night and ive came up with the same things. I just love these 5 min theorys(actually they arent even theorys they are made up storys) oh well Everybody should watch the Made Easy vids on youtube by potholer54 then watch the three debunked 1s he made they are awesome
People are wrong on the Internet, this shouldn't surprise you.

Especially when it's a religious person on the Internet, at which point I usually just assume they're about to say something stupid before they say it, that way it doesn't irritate me any more.

Canyons are formed from water movement carving them over thousands of years. Not some freak flash flood. The same way the Niagara river was formed, and is still being formed.

Anyone who cant comprehend how running water makes a groove isn't worth wasting your time on.




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