Graphic Anti-Abortion DVDs Given to Oklahoma High School Students

SAT Question: The Holocaust is to Hitler as abortion is to ???

That is the question this movie, distributed to students of Wagoner High School in Wagoner, Oklahoma, seeks to answer. READ MORE>>

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They fucked up their SAT question. What they mean to ask is Hitler is to the Holocaust as abortion is to __________. If they're going to be crazy, I'd appreciate it if they took the time to edit it. Guess we know how well their SATs went.

Well, I guess it could go the other way to. But it makes more sense to me this way.

I'm sorry, am I not taking this as seriously as I ought to? It's hard for me to take crazy seriously. Also, when you Godwin yourself right off the bat. I mean, really, where's the fun in that?

I think it is worded the way they intended.  They are comparing the Holocaust and abortion as horrific events and comparing Hitler with women who get abortions (I presume that is what they are suggesting is the answer) as perpetrators of those events.

Looking back on that post, I was not terribly lucid for 11 in the morning. Also, I was thinking of the scene your picture came from just now. WEIRD. Must be aliens. You can't prove it's not aliens. ;) *lol*

They do this kind of stuff to make themselves feel like heroes.  Bizarre. 

And that's all you really need to know about the vast majority of people who get involved in social change movements.

wow, going hi tech aye?

obvious the mental illness sources are alive and well.. what's it called? faith of hatred


well. aside from reality of actually 'raising' a child; not just throwing them to child molesting pastors/priests or whatever meth dealing psychos...
check this shit out:
so yeah. who cares who you are it's who ya fund

btw those that deny evolution deny their very biology

This is a letter that I just wrote to the head of the National Science Teachers Association about the religious propaganda that is being sent to our high school students.

"Dear Ms. Meyer,


It has come to my attention that apologists for fundamentalist religious organizations are sending propaganda-like materials which invalidate science, reason, and many of our well established theories such as evolution and global climate change to various high schools throughout the USA. I have so far heard that Wagoner HS in Oklahoma and Huron HS in Ann Arbor, Michigan have received these highly biased anti-science blogs which also disparage the ethics and morality of scientists, and I am assuming they have been sent to many others..


I think that this is part of an attempt by religious apologists to indoctrinate still impressionable young people with prejudice against all things secular but particularly reason and science.  They are trying to promulgate the idea that the use of reason and science instead of religious dogma leads to a breakdown in morality and ethics and was responsible for the millions of deaths in the totalitarian societies of the 20th century.  The chief apologists making this claim are Dinesh D’Souza, David Wolpe, Rick Warren and Ray Comfort although many others are also involved.  The materials are being transmitted in the form of a blog that D’Souza writes and is being sent to sympathetic religious teachers in the various high schools who then use the materials as part of their instructional programs while claiming that ignorance of any of their sectarian purpose.


Scientists like myself are becoming more and more engaged in “debating” these ideologues. We are particularly incited by fact that many of our professional societies have abdicated their roles as the experts of science and are now letting politicians and clerics define what is an acceptable scientific theory or a valid alternative to an established one.  We think that scientists not politicians or clerics must have the final and deciding say on scientific issues.. Many of us including Richard Dawkins (evolotuion), Sam Harris (neuroscience), PZ Meyers (biology), Jerry Coyne (evolution), Victor Stenger (physics) and others are now coming forth to assert their appropriate roles in this “debate.”  


With respect to the biased materials being fed our HS students, the American Atheist Magazine recently published an excellent 4 page reubuttal to the above religious  propaganda in its Spring 2012 issue which was written by a former NASA engineer, Mike Paulkovitch, who himself is an ex-fundamentalist.   Mike’s rebuttal is very informative and inclusive and I’ve taken the liberty of attaching a scan of it to this email.  The American Atheist organization has permitted me to send this copy to various educators without infringement of copyright laws.  I  think that  Mike’s article should be made available to students as presenting  the other side of the “debate” and would do much to neutralize any biasing and prejudice that has occurred.  It would also help teach students to think carefully and critically about these issues which are playing an increasing role in scientific endeavors in our country.




Eric A. Stone, PhD

Professor of Psychiatry and Pharmacology

Co-President, Westchester Atheists

Chappaqua, NY 10514

The potential is never the actual:

otherwise we would have to consider terminally ill cancer patients as the equivalent of corpses.

Once you begin to abolish the line separating potential and actual, as the anti-abortionists want to, you abolish our correct perceptions of reality and our ability to survive.




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