i hadn't seen this before so i thought i'd share it here.  wonderful essay.

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gshelley commented there on the "dead" gods' whereabouts:

They’re around. Driving taxis, working as prostitutes, running funeral homes.
Just not doing much of the god stuff any more

[Thank you, Neil Gaiman!]

That is exactly what they would say, booklover.

If you like that essay, and H.L. Mencken, I highly recommend his book A Religious Orgy in Tennessee. He was the reporter for the Baltimore Sun who covered the Scopes Monkey Trial, and that book is a collection of his writings of that event. It includes one very descriptive account of a "whoop and holler" evangelical service held out in the middle of the woods at nigh which makes for a fascinating read..

The dead are buried, may their souls rest in peace!!

is that sarcasm?  i sure hope so.

Sure it is!




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