Are there any audio books of the the Bible with Atheist annotations or commentary? I used to Listen to various podcasts but would like to have an audio book for my commute. any suggestions?

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I don't know about any audio books out there, but there IS the Skeptic's Annotated Bible, both online and in print form.  Both are rife with commentary and analysis and do a brilliant job of revealing the bible in all its gory glory.

Also worthy of note is that Steve Wells, the author of SAB, has also given the same treatment to the Quran and Book of Mormon on his website.

Loren is right. The Skeptic's Annotaded Bible has it all. It's what changed me from an ignorant fundamentalist to a active atheist. It even has specific categories that the bible quotes are in, like "Absurdity" and "Cruelity and Violence." I literally found more in one day about the bible than I did in my 20 years of Christian indoctrination. I recommend getting the app because you can search it and it's on the go. This is the biggest weapon against religion.
Did I also mention the Skeptic's Annotaded Bible App is free?

How have I never heard of this??? Thank you!

EDIT: When I checked, it was $3... can you link me to something free?

Thanks for the suggestion. I really need something to listen to on a commute. I knew about the Skeptic's Annotated Bible. This was a shot in the dark to see if there was something else I hadn't heard about.

This would be brilliant! A running commentary of the historical context, contradictions, etc!

Here is a good start on the contradictions from Dan Barker:

The cure for fundamentalism by Steve McRoberts available on Amazon is excellent. It goes through the entire Bible much like the skeptics annotated Bible. It skips the unimportant parts but is exhaustive in its commentary. The skeptics is great but only points out inconsistency. 

  I do Bible study daily these two books are the ones I have both in hard copy and on Kindle. 

When purchasing the Skeptics Annotated bible look very carefully. Most listings are very expensive as it is out of print. Something like 50-75 bucks. But if you look carefully you can find a hard copy for about 20. Good luck!

Try Good Book, by David Plotz. Though he's Jewish, the book is very critical of the Bible and hilarious. I can't find the audiobook for purchase outright, but it is available at Amazon Audible.




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