Great book for understanding how catholic church is undermining our democracy

If you want to read one of the best and most authoritative books written on how the Roman Catholic Church has planned to control and undermine our democracy and, with the help of Fundamental Protestants and The  Mormon Church , is succeeding,  get a copy of Marie Alena Castle’s “Culture Wars: The Threat to Your Family and Your Freedom, ” and in  particular chapter 4 Women and Religion: An Abusive Relationship.  See Sharp Press, PO Box, 1731, Tuscon AZ 85702  3, ISBN  978-1-937276-47-8  1937276473,  (I have no relationship to either Marie Castle or See Sharp press).  Every freethinker should get this book and do his or her best to get as many others in the freethinking movement and elsewhere as possible to read it.  Ms. Castle gives us names, dates and facts, not just assumptions and speculations. This is a truly extraordinary work and something that the public desperately needs to know about.

Eric A. Stone, PhD,

former co-head of Westchester Atheists (NYS) and current Life Member of American Atheists and Freedom From Religious Foundation

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