What was you best date? Is there one that just stands out from the rest?

Personally, the one that stands out for me was my forth anniversary with my ex-fiance. We went to eat in Reunion Tower (The giant golf ball in the Dallas skyline). She was super excited because I was in a suit (don't judge from my picture, I used to have short hair and I was clean shaven). We had a great dinner, then I gave her a diamond and amethyst necklace. After dinner we went down to a Dallas Mavericks game (Her decision, not mine.) After the game we got into a huge fight and broke up.

This may not sound like a great ending to the date, but in hindsight, it was the best possible ending. We were engaged, yet we fought constantly because of how closed minded she was toward other sects of christianity, let alone other religions. She looked down upon everyone who wasn't Church of Christ. I still can't remember why we even started dating, but it all ended well.

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Sounds like you had fun. I don't have any stories sadly. When I do, I will be sure to post here :)
I'm afraid I've had exactly two dates, and neither was great. The relationship went no where, because she didn't date atheists. One of the problems of living in Mississippi, really.
You should have got the diamond back. I know, indian giver, etc, but the diamond should have bought you an argument free night, at least!

Any freaky date story I have doesn't come to mind. I'll think of something..
Hmmm, apples and oranges. So many dates spring to mind all memorable for wildly different reasons.

Overall 'best' I suppose wasn't so much a date as a random-ending-up-together. SciFi convention and a handful of us wound up hanging in the hotel lobby talking about anything and everything. At one point the guy said to me, "You know, if my hand goes any further up your leg the front desk is going to kick us out of the lobby."

I had been so comfortable with all involved and this guy in particular that I hadn't even noticed until he said this that so many hours had gone by, everyone else had left, and we had become half-entwined on the lobby couch. And I'm a person who is normally EXTREMELY on guard socially. To be that comfortable with someone was just plain, out-and-out, very, very cool.

Too bad he was on the rebound and it was a purely casual, short-term thing.
My high school boyfriend and I skipped for the day, walked down to the beach, shared ice cream, chased sea gulls, ended up on a playground, and walked through the pedestrian historic shopping district, then made it back to campus before our buses left for home. Lame, but a lot of fun.
That actually sounds quite cool.

I had a similar experience which is hardly a date since it was my 15 year old gay nephew. But I barged into my sister's house one day (Denver) and announced, "I need to borrow your tent, your sleeping bag and your child."

My nephew leapt off the couch, "Yeah! Where are we going?"

I told him, "I don't know. West."

We wound up on a 5 day go-wherever adventure that included a lot of camping, hiking, a raft trip on the Colorado, and an assurance that since I will never have kids of my own, he'll like me enough to pick out the good nursing home for me when the time comes.

That's great! I, also, plan to never have children and say I'll be the cool Aunt. I'm stealing your idea and using it to get a suitable nursing home, as well. Maybe even a Mother-in-law suite. ;)
I do enjoy the role of "Cool Aunt." The key when they're little is to borrow them for the fun part of the sugar high, then give them back to their parents when the sugar crash kicks in. They'll subconsciously associate you with the fun part.

As for the nursing home bit, my nephew and his sister (two of many nieces and nephews) will use that angle on me from time to time.

"Please Aunt Mary? We'll get you the good nursing home that feeds you twice a day!"


"That's it. It's blue jello and the night drop-off window for you."
My first date ever was at a Junior High dance. My date looked miserable the whole time and called her dad to come get us halfway through the night. Turns out she had had her first period that night before we left for the dance. I have great timing.
Oh no - I hope it didn't leave you too traumatized!
OMG I'm guessing you're not scarred and that makes it ok to laugh right?
HAHAHAHA what a great story!
I went on a blind date with a Mormon. If you ever find yourself on a date with a Mormon, I highly suggest you run the fuck away. Worst experience ever.

Now, I don't fault everyone who's religious, most are normal enough that I don't fear for my life around them; some, however, are levels of crazy I did not even believe tenable. While I don't disassociate myself from a person based solely on their religiosity, it is an automatic disqualifier for anything beyond friendship.

All that said, on to the worst date ever. So, I suggested that we meet at a Starbucks as all trendy people do, trying my best to hold the nerd card close to my chest until the very last moment -- like when they come to my room and see the three full shelves of comic books and a full corner of my room dedicated to the painting of 54mm soldiers that I push around a table and make sound effects for. Now, not knowing that she was a Mormon and therefore banned from drinking caffeine, I thought Starbucks a good a place as any to get to know someone. The first red light should have been that she ordered water at Starbucks.

Normally I try to weed potential girlfriends out with subtlety; I make a passing joke about creationism or bananas and gauge the reaction. That's where the date went horribly wrong. She took my snide sarcasm as an affirmation of being a creationist and told me how hard it was for her to find a creationist. Now, I'm usually not an asshole, she was a nice enough girl, I didn't want to string her along so I laid the atheist card on the table.

We talked for a little bit and I thought it was going to end well. I said, 'I guess it's not easy for either of us to find people,' or some analog of that vagary. The following is a paraphrase of our conversation probably contaminated by time.
'I'll pray for you.'
I smiled and said, 'Okay.'
'You don't think prayer works?'
'I'm an atheist, dear.'
'But you don't believe in prayer.'
'Well no, that's part of being an atheist, I don't believe in any supernatural things.'
'I've seen prayer work.'
'Maybe you think you have, but I assure you that's likely not the case.'
'Maybe God doesn't listen to your prayers.'
'If there was a god, do you think he would set you, a believer, up with someone who firmly denies his existence? knowing that you would leave here having only spent time?'
'Maybe God wants me to convert you.'
'I assure you, that's not going to happen.'

Then she took my hands and began to pray. Part way through, I broke her grip, and gathered my things. I offered her the rest of my coffee knowing her god would torture her forever and ban her from his planet if she accepted and after having been declined I swiftly left.




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