What was you best date? Is there one that just stands out from the rest?

Personally, the one that stands out for me was my forth anniversary with my ex-fiance. We went to eat in Reunion Tower (The giant golf ball in the Dallas skyline). She was super excited because I was in a suit (don't judge from my picture, I used to have short hair and I was clean shaven). We had a great dinner, then I gave her a diamond and amethyst necklace. After dinner we went down to a Dallas Mavericks game (Her decision, not mine.) After the game we got into a huge fight and broke up.

This may not sound like a great ending to the date, but in hindsight, it was the best possible ending. We were engaged, yet we fought constantly because of how closed minded she was toward other sects of christianity, let alone other religions. She looked down upon everyone who wasn't Church of Christ. I still can't remember why we even started dating, but it all ended well.

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What a horrible experience....

I will pray for you ;D
Hugs Jack ... I think something like that would put me off blind dates forever.

And if I were 10 years younger and not several hundred miles away I would gladly geek out over your comics collection.

Hell, forget 10 years younger. Cougars are very in right now. :-P
On a side note, the Mormon underwear exists, I've seen it.
Ok, just had to toss this in to the underwear tangent...

My well-meaning but WTF sister hops in a car one day with me and a friend. Of course, had to make sure a friend of mine is in the car to broach such a weird topic. Sis pulls out a bag of lacy underwear and announces, "Mary, the reason you hardly ever date is because you wear men's underwear. That's a real turnoff for guys."

I was proud of myself for recovering from the whiplash WTF moment to immediately point out three flaws to this theory:

1) When I'm just out and about meeting people how exactly do they know what kind of underwear I'm wearing?

2) If I'm having sex tonight, there's a good chance I had an idea that might happen when I got dressed this morning so I dug out the one pair of uncomfortable-but-girly underwear I own.

3) If I'm having sex tonight and I wasn't prepared with girly underwear, it still shouldn't matter. I find that once it gets down to the underwear no one is thinking about fashion anymore. Especially the guy.
man that's so funny! I love these horrible date stories! It makes me think I've been missing out for being in long term relationships and not getting to experience the looneys!
The best date I can think of off the top of my head was not something I planned to be a date, or wanted to do at all. I was working for a leather fetish boutique, as a seamstress, but I wasn't a huge fan of that scene. I had to go to a play party at a nightclub, to man the booth and mingle, I liked the club OK, but wasn't interested in the event at all. A guy I had just started dating insisted he would go along with me, I assumed he thought he'd get in free and get to ogle a bunch of naked women, maybe get some free drinks, nice deal for him. Instead he made the whole thing much more bearable, he sort of shadowed me, standing nearby making surprisingly charming small talk, fading back when I would get into an actually enjoyable conversation, or manage to sell something, stepping up when I'd get cornered by someone tedious. He'd help me out of uncomfortable spots with normal friendly conversation, not any melodramatic "Is this guy bothering you?" kind of stuff. He'd wander off a little and come back. He didn't get involved in any thing fetish-y, but fit into the scene without being at all uncomfortable either. It was the perfect display of compatibility; he didn't act at all jealous, or do anything to make me feel jealous, was just supportive and kind and friendly and cool. He had brought a bunch of fresh fruit, and would now and then cut some and offer people slices of blood orange or tangello, or whatever. He made me really happy he was there, and afterwards we went on some more normal date thing, to a restaurant or something, but the part I really remember was the thoughtfulness and kindness he showed in making what would have been a crummy work day a heck of a lot more fun.
Sounds very sweet indeed!




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