This is what my mother wrote to me on fb...

Take it from ur Mom that loves you. Be careful what u post on Fb, u never know who is reading - Atheist symbols???? Omg!

I want to ask her what she meant by it, but I don't know... You would think after all this time she would have seen on my fb, my posts, the quotes, the discussions that I have with my friends about religion that I'm an atheist. When I first realized that I was starting not to believe, she even helped me look and she said maybe you are an agnostic I guess to her that is not as bad haha... Now I see that is going to be an issue when I tell her MOTHER I'M AN ATHEIST and that's that woman!!! lol 

It really doesn't bother me what she thinks about it, I just don't wanna have to hear it in family conversations for the rest of my life. No matter what I will stand for what I believe in and that's that.

Any opinions on how I should break it down to her? I mean is pretty obvious that she saw the symbols but... how do I bring it up?

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Thanks for the advice! :)
Sho, ok thats a bit crazy when your mom tells you to watch your back! i must say i was "blessed" to be brought in a family without religion. I wish you the best of luck with the breaking of the news.
Thanks Max!
I'm so glad I work for myself so I don't have that to worry about. Thanks John! :)
Me too! No one cares to ask the consultant what his religion is.
Aww... poor papa! :)
Who's teaching parents how to use facebook? Damn you video professor.
HAHAHAHA!!!! The funny thing is that 95% of my friends either have added my mom or she's added them! The other day I posted something a friend's board about fucking and she commented on it!!! I just sat in front of my screen and shook my head!! You damn right Damn you video professor!!!
You have only two choices - go deep underground and conceal your identity and all your activities; or come out in the most spectacular and shameless way possible. Get it all over and done with in one hit. Sitting indecisively on the fence will only cause a death by a 1000 cuts.

Trust me, if your mom is already sniffing around FaceBook, it means she's rummaging around everywhere obsessively. Xtians are like that, obsessive. No matter what obscure sites you may participate in, they will always "accidentally" find it and layer on the shame and the guilt with a trowel. "But if I found it, it means the neighbours can find it too..." This is a disease predominant, but not limited, with xtians. The more upright, pure and well meaning, the worse it is.
:) I like the way you think!
Hmmm... That's tough. My mother has never been very religious, and thankfully figured out my lack of religion long before she discovered facebook. I simply outlined my beliefs to her, how the reality is far more beautiful than the fiction, and that surprisingly also made my evangelical brother back off, so it could work for you too. When it comes to the religious, I find you should try and make the "scientific" or "atheistic" world-view sound beautiful, and aw-inspiring (and in most ways, it is when you take time to think about it). Of course, a key to my beliefs is evolution... which, I explained (paraphrase) "Humanity, us, we're unique, and beautiful because of how far we've come. We've seated ourselves as the most advanced creatures we know of, and we are only beginning to realize we could be so much more. The very idea of a god cheapens that; to say we've always been as we are removes the need for innovation, the desire to advance. I prefer to think we crawled through millions of years of muck, blood, and frightful conditions to become what we are, because if we did that then there is no telling what we can become." I'm also pretty sure I used the "tea pot" argument, both are probably ot the best arguments, but it has worked before... maybe it'll give you an idea of what to say.
Thanks! :)


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