Sorry, kinda blurry.  This is my son 15 years ago in a preschool xmas pagent (sp?) singing "This Little Lite of Mine, I'm Gonna Let it Shine."  Notice which finger he's holding up (he had no clue). LOL!!!!

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That's hilarious!

ahhh haaa. That reminds me of Elian Gonzales" father who was tired of the press. His bird was a cross between the hitler salute and the bird. His arm was extended at and angle, and his palm faced the press while flipping the bird. 

Awww - that's just so cute. : )

Very funny.

Such a cute little heathen. 

booklover, your few words gave me no clue on whether your son is still among us. I dearly hope he is; I would love to read his current feelings and thoughts on the pic.




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