I haven't seen it mentioned here and thought it significant enough to let AtheistNexus members know about Greece's new Atheist Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, is an atheist.

In any other country this would be a fairly interesting but not terribly significant event (such as Australia's ex Prime Minister Julia Gillard). In Greece, whose culture, politics, society and education is so completely smothered by christianity, this is a very significant and welcome event. He is shaking things up quite a bit in the Eurozone and I'm hoping he shakes up Greece's religious blindness as well although his initial focus is Greece's financial situation, I'm hoping once that settles down he can turn his attention to the Greek religious plight.

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Yes! Mr. Tsipras made history by politely refusing the services of the Archbishop of Athens for his swearing-in.


Well, I hope Mr. Tsipras is successful in his position, as if his government does well and can demonstrate a happy society and reign in Greece, then it would help dispel many of the silly myths about atheist leadership.

In Australia, yes we had atheist Julia and likely many more, as past leaders have made comments that lean towards them having atheistic persuasions, such as Gough Whitlam and Harold Holt.

Religion has hardly played any role in Australian Politics.

Hopefully it will no longer play any role in Greek politics.

It's secularism, or an even playing field for all religions and favouring no positions, not even atheism that will bring about ideological changes in countries.

As soon as the government appears to be favouring any position, Christian, Islamic, Buddhism and even non-belief, it will be condemned by the public as biased.

The goals I believe any government should strive for or be seen to be striving for is fairness to all and a high emphasis on rational decision making or "Getting at the Real Problems".

A high publicly proclaimed emphasis on Rational Critical Thinking in all fields, Politics, Foreign Affairs, Military decisions and Education.

Would likely push all developments in the right direction.

If successful, then, hopefully, other highly theocratic societies may also follow.

Which would be a bonus for all of Europe and possibly the World.

That's my, possibly very naive opinion!


The goals I believe any government should strive for or be seen to be striving for is fairness to all and a high emphasis on rational decision making or "Getting at the Real Problems".

Indeed, since he and his wife are engineers, I expect a high degree of rational decision making. Certainly his choice for Yanis Varoufakis as Finance Minister is a great start.

As for separation of religion from the state it would be like ripping off a bandage that has been there so long it is difficult to see where the scab begins and the bandage ends. It will be very difficult but it must be done before more damage is done to the Greek psyche.

Apparently  Yanis Varoufakis lectured economics here in Australia and he has joint Australian and Greek citizenship, so to me he is a fellow Aussie. 

He is also a Marxist, which some of my Christian friends would hate, since they blame atheism and Marxism for Hitler's actions, they hate it when I call Hitler the most infamous Catholic of all time.


Evidently my friends don't understand Marxism, History nor Rational Thinking.

They are also too ignorant to learn anything.

I'm with Varoufakis all the way!


Apparently Yanis Varoufakis was also teaching and extremely popular in Texas.

I found that amusing.


BTW: I tried to correct one of my Christian friends, when I informed her that Marxism had nothing to do with Hitler, that his legacy was Nazism, to which she shrugged it off and said, "it's just another atheist ism, they're all the same and from satan."

That's how ignorant they are!

They don't want to know anything that disagrees with their faith.


Ask her about Pentecostal  ism. Yes, that's how ignorant they are.

He is indeed a fellow Aussie. This whole thing is very interesting. When Syriza first won the elections, I read up on Alexis Tsipras and was impressed with his credentials, especially since I also am an engineer. Then this Varoufakis fellow kept appearing on the news and I was getting a little upset because he seemed to be taking the limelight off Tsipras. Then I started reading about Varoufakis and realised he is as impressive or even more so than Tsipras. If Tsipras' other team members are as impressive it bodes well for Greece and Europe as a whole.

As for Hitler and his Catholicism, christians are indeed in denial. In fact, the Catholic church supported Hitler until very late in his military expansionist activities. Something that christians continually deny. What next? Holocaust denial?

This is a good step forward. It should happen in America but might take another 50 years. If our own top politico was an atheist I would feel that we were making progress. Why? I'm sorry. Your "faith" should have nothing to do with who's elected. That's taking it too far.

50 years is probably too soon. From memory, I believe that only one senator in the US is openly atheist.

I think such a thing might be quite noteworthy in USA, you know

Actually, good point. I was very much mired in Australian thinking when I made that comment. It would be just as if not more noteworthy.




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