Hi all,

My name is Jonathan Davison and I am an atheist. I'm from Newton Abbot, home to the race course, Dartmoor and Chippies Plaice, the finest chip shop on the planet. I am both an optimist and pessimist depending on the mood, have my moments of left wing and right wing political persuasion, cynical in the extreme and determined to live my life to the full as there is no second chance.

I have a job that other's would find fascinating although it is pretty boring and write sci-fi and fantasy novels in my spare time which I sell all over the world on Amazon. I'm a musician and I love being creative. Creativity, i find gives me clear goals when my life seems to be spiralling into a depressing tailspin - being an atheist can be a little depressing at times. I wish I had a firm belief in an afterlife, it would make me fear death a little less.

I have found that i have become quite aggrieved with time with the state of the world and Man's incapability to live with each other in peace. I have stopped being so accepting of everything I am told and am starting to think for myself - at last!

This seems like a nice community - any thing's better than Facebook!

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