At 72 I'm slowing down with the gardening and outside work, so I'll have more time for discussions.  I've been atheistic since about 18 when I guessed something was fishy about religions.  All religions.  Upon examination I realized that religious groups evolved, and inevitably the various groups splintered and formed new groups, and so forth.  Christianity is well adapted to such behavior because there really is no solid evidence for the supernatural it claims, forcing its adherents to make up attributes of God and Jesus, etc.

I was a member of the Atheists of Florida for years, but now I'm retired in Morgan County, Tennessee, where there is a church on every corner.  I don't really believe that atheism will command the attention of more than a 5% or 10% slice of the population, especially around here where everyone is a believer.  It should be obvious that it is science, and not religion that advances the well-being of the humans.  

Religions have had their time in the sun, but are not compatible with science.  Religion makes no predictive claims as does science, because its methodology is different.  Religion looks backward, saying this is how we did it in the past, and we'll keep doing it that way, thank you.  Science looks forward, seeking to innovate and increase productivity to gain us a more abundant life.

Just some thoughts.......  I'll prowl around the discussions to see where I might fit in.......

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Hi Charles. Welcome and cheers from one senior to another. Enjoy yourself on this island of reason surrounded by a sea of insanity.


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