Where to start off? Introductions must be in order my name is Ryan Hlawek. 18 and living in the small town of Gilbert, Arizona.

I was born and raised strict Southern Baptist, in a near cult like atmosphere. From an early age I was always afraid of my "Church.
 If you could even call it such. Warnings of eternal damnation and hellfire were common occurences as well as the thought that their god is an angry vengeful being. 

When I hit fifteen years of age I dove into reading books highly criticized by the church, Nietzche, and Hitchens, the two most widely loathed authors. I always doubted the existence of any sort of god, but reading the works of authors who were also atheists made me sure of it. 

It's a struggle in this town to find a like-minded group. Seeing as this town is mostly those of mormon descent. 

I must say I am excited to talk to everyone.

Thank you.

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Hi, from an old f--- living in Queen Creek but working in Gilbert. I have met a lot of non-believers in Gilbert.
There is the Phoenix atheist group which meets in Tempe frequently. You could give them a spin.
I went once quite some time back but, after work, I found the journey too far.
Welcome to A/N Ryan. Glad to meet you, so to speak.

I've heard about them, and attempted to attend one of their meet ups. But the distance is a bit of a hassle, and thank you both for your greetings.

Hello! Nice to meet "the younger set"!!!

Many greetings, Ryan! Welcome to the Nexus. I'll be your bartender this evening. What'll it be? 

Welcome, Ryan.  I'm always glad to see new people join our ranks, especially younger persons such as yourself who have not only denounced religion, but have taken the next step forward and have joined a like-minded community with a cause.  Your participation is valued.  --Carl


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