About myself: I'm computer programmer, writer, cognitive scientist, photographer, pseudo-musician, foodie / oenophile, amateur mixologist, amateur cosmologist, and armchair philosopher (as opposed to one of those philosophers who force themselves to sit in uncomfortable chairs just so they seem smarter). I work in the entertainment industry, and live in California in the Oakland / San Francisco metroplex with my wife, 5 cats, and impending small human. When I am not busy working or playing, I spend most of my time being frustrated at how incredibly well our human brains are at conflating ignorance with certainty -- so I try to maximize my amount of time spent working or playing.

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Don't know anything about DMAE research, but I do know that anecdotal, self-reported feelings of "overall well being" are always suspect in terms of sorting-out placebo effect versus actual benefit.


I really have 5 cats.  And my hair is very thin, so it rarely obstructs my vision...

I don't turn tricks.
The Bay Area is certainly more open to Atheists than most parts of the country, though there is no shortage of believers here, too.  Lots of New Age folks in the Bay Area can be just as adamant about their faith.  CAM is popular here, which is often just faith healing by another name.  But there is very little open confrontation, and Fire and Brimstone type of rebuking of Atheists here.

Hi and welcome fellow heathen Stephan :)

We have something in commen, I also am interested in the neurosciences.

So much can be understood by studying how the human brain works.

Suddenly, lots of seemingly magical and mystical things make perfect sense :)


Do you read Dan Dennett? He is my favorite writter, thinker. Dan is the man :)

Philosphy without science backing is to me, not of much value other than being intellectualy

stimulating. Dan is both a scientist and philosopher :)


Look forward to seeing you around in the forums, you sound like an interesting guy :)

Indeed understanding the human mind can explain why we believe things we believe.  I haven't read The God Gene yet, but I am reading The Invisible Gorilla right now.  It doesn't deal with faith in particular, but the cognitive issues they discuss are relevant. 


I have read Daniel Dennett (but not Breaking The Spell).  His work is interesting.


Did you read Dennett's "Consciousness Explained"?

His ideas in that book blew me away. It was one of the most intellectually stimulating

books I have ever read!

Since you are into mind and consciousness, this is one I would think is already in your library :)

Definitely.  Read Consciousness Explained, or parts thereof, for at least 3 college courses.




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