My name is Ray and I was raised catholic. After a lifetime of doubt I began reading fervently in search of answers. I have always had a deep interest in science and this eventually brought me to the works of great men like Victor Stenger and Richard Dawkins. After 20 years I realized I simply did not believe in god, and for the first time in my life everything made sense. My whole life I felt obligated to "believe" to appease my family, and since telling them of my unbelief they barely speak to me. It's been 2 years since and I'm feeling a bit isolated. That is why I'm here; to meet rational, educated, like-minded people.

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Welcome Ray. What is the situation like in New Hampshire? Why do you feel so isolated?
It's not too bad here, It could be worse. The only other nontheists I know are my fiancee (who's family practically disowned her for it) and my boss who I just recently "converted" because he started reading the books I bring to work. But other than that I've had difficulty finding friends. There is a New Hampshire Rationalists group on this site, which seems promising.
Welcome, I'm new too. :) (I just posted my own introduction discussion, actually.)
I've never heard of Victor Stenger, I love Dawkins though. I'll have to check him out!

Good luck meeting people you're looking for. :)
Welcome to A|N! I hope you enjoy your stay and I'm sure plenty of people here are glad to have you with us! :D
Welcome to the site. Hopefully here you can meet new people and create new friendships. I know how it feels to be isolated in our non beliefs and while it can be frustrating (at least for me), it's better then living a lie or trying to be someone your not.

I hope that 1 day your family will realize their mistake in separating themselves from you, as family should love and support each other, even if they disagree.




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