Hi, militant anti-theist and God-mocker at your service.

Please check out my Reason Rally video (Please rate, comment, subscribe)

In order to introduce myself I shall give you my opinion of religion as stated on my facebook profile - I think it says it all....

Religion stultifies minds, corrupts education, encourages the process of non-thinking called "faith", it breeds laziness and absolves people of personal responsibility. It teaches disgusting immorality such as vicarious redemption, scapegoating and genital mutilation of babies. 

It is responsible for teenage pregnancies with its unworkable "abstinence only" policy, due to the spreading of lies about condoms and HIV it guarantees the death and suffering of millions of human beings every year in Africa and condemns many others to families so large that they cannot feed them.

It sentences girls and women to lives of slavery in Muslim countries and insults them in Christian ones, it encourages childlike wish-thinking in adults. It causes an unhealthy psychological phenomenon in religious adults known as cognitive dissonance; the attempt to combine the evident absurdities of faith with conflicting intellect. 

It is tribalistic; its devastating "god's chosen people" and "god-given promised land" scriptures, combined with the enormity of eternal salvation or damnation, make any negotiation or compromise impossible in the Middle East. It tells people that this life is but temporary veil-of tears to be endured whilst making preparations for a non-existent afterlife. It sends out armies to kill each other over who has the best imaginary friend.

It bullies small children with its terrifying lies about hell and enables the hideous asymmetric power relationships between celibate catholic priests and vulnerable children that has led to systematic child rape the world over due to the ease of silencing a child compared to an adult.

It divides people and creates insidious "in-group" mentalities. It teaches people to clasp their hands and mutter tricking them into believing that they are actually helping others and absolving them of any need to actually do anything. It champions gullibility and treats faith, belief without evidence, as a virtue. It distrusts science and attempts to prohibit open and inquisitive questioning.

I am sick and tired of religion and all infantile in-group mentality, pathetic tribalism in all its forms. Religion needs to be exposed as the nasty and pernicious lie that it is so that humankind can move forward with taking care of our planet, all its creatures and each other instead of fighting and squabbling. Let's expose it through mocking, humor, sarcasm and ridicule.


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Enjoy the reason rally!!


Thanks, are you going?

Afraid not....currently live in New Zealand.......money, time etc.....yeh, I know lame excuses!!


Pah! Excuses, excuses!!! 

It's cool, I understand, however if you can possibly get there by, well, let's see, selling a kidney - two is just greedy anyway, or maybe mugging some old ladies, robbing a bank (or better yet a church) then you should try. I'll buy you a drink to help offset the expense!!! ;)

(Mind you if you come out drinking with me and all my crazy friends (Thunderf00t etc) then you'll need a second mortgage! ;)


Have rellies in the states and visited Washington a few times.......had a few beers there!! I could always sell my soul........may get five bucks, 'one careful owner........one very abused soul, second hand damaged goods has a tendency to fuck up......yeah thats a more realistic description!!:)

I've never been to Washington DC so I'm excited about that. Even more so to stand in the national mall in a crowd of thousands of atheists. I'm concerned that not enough people are aware of the Reason rally though so please share my youtube video around and tell people about it!

Yep it's a great place.....plenty of free museums, all in easy walking distance!!

I imagine that by the power of the internet the word will spread about the rally!

Will pass on your video!


Thanks and welcome! I'll look at that reason rally.

Checking out your video now!

Great Reason Rally video -- just watched all of it.

Thanks you very much for watching it all the way through, not too many people ever do that. Most folks have the attention span of a gnat!

That's why there's that little musical treat in there at the end for peeps like yourself!

We are going to have a mass singing of that song at the National Mall in Washington DC. It's going to be friggin' amazing! I can't wait!!!!!

Tell me you're going to come! 




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