Hi everyone! I've been on this site for a couple of days now and I thought I should introduce myself. My name is Kitty (not my real name as I'm still not "out" as an atheist) and I'm 25. I am formerly a member of the United Methodist church and I've officially been an atheist for about a year now. Before that I chose to ignore that feeling of fleeting faith, but I'm learning to own who I really am. I live in Rockford, IL and there are about 340 churches, 3 synagogues, 3 buddhist temples and 1 mosque in Rockford and the surrounding areas. (I'm sure anyone living in the bible belt could beat the pants off that!) Two of the churches bear my real name and I pass one of them on a daily basis. I used to hate driving past it, but now I embrace it as a reminder that I have science, reason, and logic on my side and that the world looks a whole lot clearer now that I don't view it through a religious haze anymore :)

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Welcome, hope this place will suit your noodly tastes. Although you're a rare breed - been an atheist for about a year now and still "in the closet" - at the same time? That's quite a difficult achievement! ;-)
I do feel very touched by His Noodly Appendage here! I meant "in the atheist closet" as in not "out" as an atheist, but I forgot a word there. I fixed it though. There are quite a few LGBT atheists on here though, I definitely admire their courage!
It's gotta be Mary right?? ;-)

(Or Grace?)

Just teasin', welcome to the site. Me and all my siblings were named after bible heros, but now I hope to retake my name in the cause of reason.
Welcome to the Human Race ... I hope you like it here ... I do.


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