Hello everyone.  I joined this site some time ago at the suggestion of an acquaintance.  Then I promptly forgot about it because of all that was going on in my life at the time.  Now that things have settled down for me I am anxious to become a part of this community.

I am a mother of four and I have a polyfidelitous relationship with their father and another man.  We are all atheists (well, all of us that are old enough to make such decisions).  I have homeschooled my children since my oldest (17) was little but now my three youngest (14, 10, 4) will be attending public school for various reasons.  Now that I have more time for myself, I am going to work on finally getting my bachelor’s degree.  Over the years I have changed my major from fine arts to biology and now to general studies.  Hopefully I will have my BS in two years and will then be able to work on a master’s degree in Library Science.

My family and I live in a very rural area of Indiana (it takes 30 minutes to get to any town that has a grocery store).  We are surrounded be people who ask, “What church do you go to?” and “Would you pray for John Doe?” and who regularly insert, “It’s a God thing” into the conversation.  This site is a relief.  I look forward to meeting some like-minded people.


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Yeah, if it wasn't for wanting to stay close to family, we would have moved out of Indiana a long time ago.
Thanks for the welcome. "Church of the comfy pillow"--I like that, lol. Sunday is the one day of the week I get to sleep in.
Someone is a John Carter fan...
I confess to reading some E.R.B. in my younger days...
hello and welcome




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