Greetings from the mythical state of Jefferson. ;-)

Hello folks,

I'm a second generation atheist, age 64 and retired due to medical problems (psoriatic arthritis), married to a very nice 63 year old Chinese lady (a retired aerospace engineer)
who only recently came to the USA. I'm retired from a computer career
spanning 34 years, with the last 25 of them working at JPL in
Pasadena, California mostly on spacecraft subsystems firmware, but on
many other interesting projects as well. I divorced my wife of 20
years (she wouldn't accompany me north) and left southern California
for a variety of reasons, but primarily to fulfill my last childhood
dream of living somewhere cool and green where there's plenty of
water instead of drought conditions, crowds, congestion, and where
everything is asphalt and concrete.

I moved to Medford, Oregon, near the center of the “mythical” state of Jefferson ;-) (you can check the reference in Wikipedia if you like). I love Oregon, but Medford
is to rural for me and so my wife and I plan on moving to the
Portland area. I reluctantly return to the congestion of the city,
but the outskirts of Portland seem to be much less congested than
around Los Angeles and I've been spoiled by being close to all the
variety that a larger city has to offer. I am also hoping there will
be a lower percentage of highly religious people in Portland --
although I am also considering Corvallis because according to
Wikipedia, the county it's in (Benton County) is the least religious
county per capita in the United States! :-)

I have nothing particularly exceptional to add, but I will mention that many, many years ago I put together a website, and one of the pages pertained to religion. I haven't
updated the website for many years, but it still reflects my views on
religion and most other things. Normally I hate web pages that
automatically play sound, but I couldn't resist incorporating Holly
Dunn's great song "I Ain't Afraid" (of your god) into it.
Note: I've tried to embed a couple of hyperlinks into the preceding
paragraph, but they don't seem to be visible, so I'm not sure if it
will work or not.

Best wishes to all,

~ Ron

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Ah yes, the State of Jefferson! On Hiway 5 north of Redding up about Yreka way there's a barn with "State of Jefferson" painted on it. Ah, if it'd only come to be! Anyway, welcome to AN Ron, we're a mixed bunch here in some ways but we all share a disdain for things supernatural. Jump right in, the water's fine!
Welcome Ron! Hope you enjoy yourself here.


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