My name is Robert Affinis; a new guy on the block. I have just joined Atheist Nexus two days ago and I have to say: I love the set up of communication here along with the various groups for membership.

As for a brief synopsis of me; first and foremost, I am an atheist. Although I do not degrade the beliefs of others, I exemplify the folly of theistic conceptualization. I have been a Christian before, walked and conversed with bishops and you know what; it's real ugly behind close doors. Most of them do not really believe themselves; however, the collection plate is little much to pass up; if you catch my drift. I call these individuals who incur these theistic facades as Constantinian Christians (Emperor Constantine was never a Christian in his lifetime; however, purported this belief to sustain his kingdom from civil war; he remained a high priest of the sol invictus cult until death).

I am a single male and a proud father of two gorgeous girls. Currently, I am majoring in Industrial psychology and started an apparel line for freethinkers entitled AFFINIS. I currently reside in Phoenix, AZ where I defend the right to separate from all forms of religiosity.

I also have another blog where I write some intense stuff

I always say think; it's not illegal yet! Thanks for having me.

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Welcome to the site.  I'm glad you like it here.
Welcome!  Yes, this is a very user friendly site, it's set up perfectly.  See you around.
Thanks Cheryl; see you as well.


I'm new here myself! 

I checked out your apparel and one of the shirts really caught me. 


I'm definitely looking forward to sporting that on stage!


Thanks Stephen.

I see you play guitar. Are you in a band or solo?

Your funny. And yes, the psychological element is in me ;)
Welcome Robert, and have a great time on Nexus!
Thanks Sentient.




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