My name is Stephen Parker and I'm the guitarist of the Oregon based death metal band Arkhum.

I've been pretty fed up with family members and friends showing theism down my throat, so that led me here! This community seems well put together and very supportive, which draws me even closer!

Anyway, if you have any questions about my music, beliefs, anything really, just ask!


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Welcome to A/N!  The website is very user friendly, and folks are very welcoming.  It's important to have the support of other atheists.  There are great groups to join.  See you around!
Thanks man! That means a great deal!
Death Metal is cool!  Welcome Stephen to the Nexus.
Fantastic! I ALSO think it's cool!

Thanks. :) See you around!
Thanks! I'm glad you dig it!

Our lack of belief plays a huge role in Arkhum's lyrical concepts.
So I'm glad people in this community are taking a liking to it!




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