Hey all!

I'm Tom Harris, and I found this community while looking for a good atheist podcast to listen to at work, and figured it would be a good fit for me!
But I don't just listen to other peoples' podcasts, I also do my own. It's not specifically on the topic of rationalism, atheism, etc. because I couldn't talk about those topics for hours and keep them interesting ;) It's more of a personal show, but of course, all of my discussion is from a rationalist point of view.
Personally speaking, I'm 46, bisexual (in a monogamous same sex relationship for the past 4 1/2 years), and am an artistic sort. Hope to hear from you all, and check out the show if it interests you!

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Welcome to Atheist Nexus, Tom! The world needs more out bisexual atheists.
I hear you there :) Thanks for the welcome :)




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