"Keiser Report" Episode 946 an interview with Gregor MacDonald, Editor of TerraJoule. 

Gregor MacDonald, Editor of TerraJoule.

If the U.S. sends power to Mexico, whether it is in the form of coal, gas, or solar, does it matter which one we use? We know coal is being phased out for obvious reasons, first of which is the polluting factors of burning coal. The new trend is to develop fracking to use in place of coal and shipping excess to Mexico? How long will gas be produced and at what cost to the environment?   

What will be the cost per calorie ten years from now, or 20? or 30? 

If we develop fracking and use the gas for energy how long will it take to create problems with water contamination? 

What if we develop solar at this stage and in ten, or 20, or 30 years what will we have gained, economically and environmentally? What will we lose? 

What jobs will be created developing fracking as compared to solar?

If energy generated from rooftops, solar farms, and maybe even solar roads, what will we have lost by spending time, and money developing this technology? What will we have gained?

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