I'm new to the site and joined to voice my opinion about the Roman Catholic Gregorian Calendar and how it totally rules our lives!

I started a petition at the White House's "We The People" site to get rid of this damn thing.

The petition is at http://wh.gov/lgu5i.

So, please take a look at it and sign it if you agree with it. Then please forward the URL to anyone you can think of and post it on the social sites/networks.

Let's make this go viral and make the Catholic Church start squirming!


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Even though that particular calendar reform was instituted by a pope, the Gregorian calendar is well established as a civil calendar, which seems to pass the "Lemon test" for legislation being constitutional under the Establishment Clause:

  1. The government's action must have a secular legislative purpose; (Purpose Prong)
  2. The government's action must not have the primary effect of either advancing or inhibiting religion; (Effect Prong)
  3. The government's action must not result in an "excessive government entanglement" with religion. (Entanglement Prong)

Use of the Gregorian calendar doesn't advance Roman Catholicism any more than our using weekday names originating from, say, "Wodan's day", "Thor's day", "Frigg's day", and "Saturn's day" promotes religions involving those deities.

The Hanke-Henry Permanent Calendar, which the petition advocates using instead, might or might not be worth switching to on its own merits.

Correct, "use of the Gregorian calendar doesn't advance Roman Catholicism." It all has to do with the authority/jurisdiction of papal bulls in this country.

Just look at the history of the GC: the Protestant countries resisted this papal outrage (and some Orthodox churches still do), because they knew it would be bowing down to the pope's self-proclaimed authority.

The Protestants eventually dropped the ball. I'm just picking it up and running with it...

So the fact that it is accurate means nothing?  You are actually using religious nut jobs as evidence that it is a nefarious plot on behalf of the Pope?

What an utterly useless exercise in intellectual masturbation.

In a world full of inequality, injustice and poverty how you devote any time or energy on such an asinine project?

How does the imposition on any of these calenders benefit one single person on the planet (unless you sell calenders)?

Sorry for the bluntness but really....


Where do you get the idea that the Gregorian calendar is religious?  Because a Pope started it? That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard.  I agree with MB and Grinning Cat.  You should use your energies on things that actually matter.  Not making up things.

I'm really shocked/surprised by the reactions so far on this site. The GC is ipso facto a 100% Catholic religious instrument - recognized as such from the day PG13's bull/decree was issued. This understanding is why the Protestant countries resisted it.

There's billions of people that can use their energies to better this world in countless ways, but I choose to use my energies as I wish - to get rid of a Catholic calendar and have a 100% secular calendar instituted...

Writing is used to spread the Word of God too. We should get rid of that and replace it with a system less accurate as well.


We really need a "like" button on here.

(Yes! But not connected to Facebook, thank you.)

Is the "like" button at the start of the discussion connected to facebook?


Considering the current calendar is the standard used around the world for 7 billion people, hard to see this idea taking off.   Sort of like, when congress wanted to make the US metric, Republicans claimed it was a communist plot.  So we are still using inches and pounds, bushels and quarts.

Good luck in your effort. 




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