I'm new to the site and joined to voice my opinion about the Roman Catholic Gregorian Calendar and how it totally rules our lives!

I started a petition at the White House's "We The People" site to get rid of this damn thing.

The petition is at http://wh.gov/lgu5i.

So, please take a look at it and sign it if you agree with it. Then please forward the URL to anyone you can think of and post it on the social sites/networks.

Let's make this go viral and make the Catholic Church start squirming!


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I'd prefer a petition to force all bibles to have an R-rating or X-rating warning on them.

Michael -

Even though your idea about calendars didn't go over so well, please know that you are welcome here and there are many, maybe most, who have the same feelings about Catholicism as you do - including me.  I think you will find many discussions that interest you.

You may find others who are also enthusiastic about your idea.  Even if not, I hope you look around the site and know that you are welcome here including by the people who are commenting on your post.

There are some very active Texans on Nexus too.

I like your kind responses Sentient. 


Michael, I was unfamiliar with the "Papal Bull", so looked it up on Wiki.  I'm still don't fully understand it, but if getting rid of the Gregorian Calendar hurts the Catholic Church, It sounds like a good idea.

Other than the religious aspect, I think the Hanke-Henry Permanent Calendar is an improvement.  However, personally, I prefer the International Fixed Calendar (also known as the 13 Month Calendar), especially if the first day of the week were Monday. 

I've always been bothered by different months having different number of days, so I prefer they all have 28, or any fixed number.  I can never remember which months have 30, & which 31.  I always have to use the rhyme "Thirty days....except Febuary....", where I change the ending to "which is all fucked-up".

if getting rid of the Gregorian Calendar hurts the Catholic Church

Since it really has nothing to do with Catholicism.  I doubt it will hurt.

I've always been bothered by different months having different number of days, so I prefer they all have 28, or any fixed number.

Or you could just look at a calendar.  This calendar might make months easier to remember but, it is less accurate. 

I also prefer the 13-month proposed International Fixed Calendar over the Hanke-Henry calendar for the same reason, the International fixed calendar has every mmonth with exactly the same number of days.

But even better, a somewhat long time ago I invented my own calendar, which is even better, the "four quarter eight day week calendar"! You would divide the year into four 91 day quarters. The first day of the year could be on one of the equinoxes or solstices. The 7 day week was invented by religion but the 8-day week would let us have a 5 day work week and a 3 day weekend every week. The ancient Romans had an 8-day week.

The 365th day of the year would always be an intercalendary day outside the normal weekly cycle, and on leap years the 366th day would also be intercalendary. A two year cycle would happen by default so that the 1st quarter would start on the first day of the week, the second quarter would start on the 4th day of the week, the 3rd quarter starts on the 7th day of the week, the 4th quarter starts on the 2nd day of the week, the 5th quarter starts on the 5th day of the week, the 6th quarter starts on the 8th day the 7th quarter starts on the 3rd day of the week, the 8th quarter starts on the 6th day of the week, and the 1st quarter of the first year of the cycle starts on the 1st day of the week again. This way you can predict which named day of the week any given numbered date is, and every month is 91 days.

The time of the holidays would be redefined in terms of how many days after the previous equinox or solstice, or, for example, Thanksgiving could be defined as the 9th weekend after the fall equinox or 8th or 10th weekend or whichever time society decides or votes on.

Unfortunately, we'd likely get a LOT of resistance from Christians (and Jews and Muslims) to any proposal that alters the seven-day weekly cycle even once or twice a year. They wouldn''t want the "seventh day" of rest and/or worship to move to different days of the week, and become a weekday most of the time.

This discussion prompted me to read a little about calendar reform proposals, and I found out that Joseph Hertz, the Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom in the early 20th century, successfully organized opposition to the World Calendar, which would have inserted Worldsday and Leapyear Day holidays outside the regular weeks.

A couple of calendars that strictly maintain the seven-day cycle are the Hanke-Henry Permanent Calendar (which Michael is advocating), and Symmetry454.




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