Greta Christina calls one of Hitchens’ ideas about religion a “terrible argument.”


Seems to me that one can interpret another thinkers text and give it – ‘new meaning’, out of context if you will, downright imaginary driven even – rather like the scriptures, whosoever they may be.

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And it seems to me that to understand what might be a confusing or contradictory comment by Hitch, one should ask the man himself to clarify what he meant at the time. He might even admit to having made a mistake, and I'd have no problem forgiving him if he had. Alternately he might have changed his mind. At least if he was asked, then we'd know.
Hitch is a wonderful, elegant, knowledgeable writer.  A deep thinker?  Not so much.  His "Hitch-22" I felt to be a disappointment, and I'm no more persuaded by his view of Iraq than I was years ago.




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