Every so often, I see blog posts crop up asking where all the atheist women are at, or why our presence is so lacking. Aside from the factors of who the media paints as 
"the face of new atheism", there are things that prominent atheists say and do, that at least to me, make it seem like the atheist activist movement may not as progressive as it's made out to be.




On his Facebook/Twitter, rapper Greydon Square posted that he had "raped four tacos". Out of the 31 comments that ensued, only 3 people found this problematic (myself, a woman and a man-yay). Everyone in opposition to us was male. Everyone else was basically offended that we were offended, which Greydon went on to quote from an Eminem song. He also went on to say that,

You havent been truly offended until someone starts shooting at you. Then you've been offended

He basically decided to not engage at all and try to shut down dialogue by offering his own conclusion about being offensive, and not addressing anything else.

In instances like this, is it really any wonder why more women aren't crawling out of the woodwork? I'm fine publicly identifying myself as an atheist. But why would I want to stand with anyone who makes lights of rape jokes and who people will just run to their defense when I have a problem with it? Also, why wouldn't I question whether all atheists are critical thinkers when so many publicly have such knee-jerk reactions that they'll defend examples of rape culture in action, (or whatever prejudice may pop up from an atheist) just because it's an atheist being questioned?

I just wanted to get this out there and provide an example of why women like myself may/do not feel inclusion in this community/movement. 



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What I'm not understanding is why it seems that when someone brings up a point like this, especially a woman, there is an all out attack.  I don't really agree, but I understand what Cet is getting at here and I'm thankful that there do seem to be a few people here that are able to do that in both directions.  

The point with which I totally agree is  [partial quote by Cet] "I don't understand why airing differences amongst each other has to count as not sticking together. If anything, people should be able to dialogue through it to become a stronger movement" especially where women and minorities are concerned.  It is important that we prevent generic 'black female, white female, gays, etc.' stereotypes and when we do this publicly and manage to work through it our critical thinking skills are sharpened, everyone can see multiple views and someone may even learn something.

first of all, greydon was right by saying you have an axe to grind.  way to take something out of context and make a complete ass of yourself. rape doesn't just mean forced sexual intercourse. if that is really what he did to four tacos then he has serious problems. there are other definitions for the word rape and would apply to what he was talking about.  he is trying to paint an image of the verocity in which he devoured the tacos, not forcibly had sex with. you are a very disturbed person if the first thing you think of is him forcing tacos to have sex with him against their will. 


[reyp]  Show IPA 
noun, verb, raped, rap·ing.
the unlawful compelling of a person through physical force orduress to have sexual intercourse.
any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person.
an act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation;violation: the rape of the countryside.
Archaic the act of seizing and carrying off by force.


look at number four, reread what he said and understand it in the correct context. you owe him an apology as far as i'm concerned

She just wanted to start a battle in a war she is not ready to fight.
Oh, do people call the cops when somebody rapes the countryside?  I wasn't aware of that.

do you feel that the destruction of property shouldn't be a crime?  go plunder, loot, and destroy someone's stuff and watch no one call the cops...


you're an idiot

the fuck are you even talking about?  was greydon talking about rape in the sense of raping the countryside, or nonconsensual sexualized behavior?  Hint: he said "call the cops, son" afterward.  Don't let your critical thinking ability shut off just so you can defend patriarchy.

This does not seem like you are just offended, it seem more like a personal attack. First off I assume you are really an atheist and as an atheist you just saying the words "jesus is not real" offends people. Support Darwin or creation offends people, so are you going to stop being an atheist? You can't make everyone happy and you can't put people on blast if they did. Come on...you came to an atheist site, (that I had to reset my password on because I have not been on here in over a year) just to say my two cents. 

I find it funny how you said you recommended your friends to him, I'm guessing to hear his music, but he does have a song called the N-Word. He used the word nigga over and over, telling the story between Niggas and blacks. Now it's very clear you were not offended because you were stilled tuned in and on his friends list on facebook and twitter. Now you being black I would think would be very offended by that song, but you were not and that song was very literal. You want to know why you were not offended, because it appealed to you and what you believe in just like atheistism, you are not offended by the jesus pictures the movies, the books that screams out there is no god, because you are a none theist, but an theist is so offended that they have killed people for not believing. I learned in the military (I'm a combat vet also) that you can't take things to serious or take the out on contexts. I also learn that you can't pick and choose what offends you and what don't, when the don't's offend other people.

I have very offended by you coming on an atheist group to try an put a well known atheist on blast for what? something that hurt your feelings?

Let's talk about offensive things. I get offended each time a soldier dies, I get offended each time someone tries to take away my first amendment right, I get offended when i come cross a up type person who is trying to play the victim when she is clearly NOT. If things like that offend you, just unplug from life and everything else, because you are going to be offended a lot in life.

I would have said sorry at all. You are lucky he gave a damn enough to do so. So what's next, he needs to say sorry to all the religious people and niggas he offended. Are you mad you can't get attention and influence people, so you try to target a group of people he listens to. Tell you what when you become a combat vet and watch a few friends die let me know, when you see people with signs that says god hates soldiers and a decease soldier funeral let me know, because than we can start talking about things that offend you. 

So for now own will I see you post stuff about how comedies are offensive or a new movie. I tell you what tropic thunder sure piss a lot of people off with the retarded act...wait I can't say that...I meant special needs act. Who cares, no person should censor themselves in their own movies, in the music, in books, or on a website. if they did it would not be America.

FYI he didn't ask you to stand side by side with him. He served his country like I did because at some point he believed in freedom so, please don't tell a vet what he can can't say. Just block him or ignore him, is that simple. I'm done.

One last thing I live in Bradenton, Fl just outside of Saint Pete, so do you find Rick Scott offensive? I do.

I don't have to agree with everything an artist says on a record, so long as it still falls within my strata of listening pleasure. I also don't have to agree with everything they say in public, just because I like them, and in this digital age,a public FB page is public.

The point of putting "a well known atheist on blast" was obviously lost on you as it pertains to what I see as things that cause divides within groups of us atheists. In this case, what many inside of this sphere and out perceive as minimization of rape (read the previous posts-which you're free to disagree with). I'm offended every time a soldier dies, and thankful for my friends and family still in. At some points, I wish I could clear my health, give up my compensation, and go back as an IA, so I know my shipmates and Marines have an extra person looking out for them. I'm offended when a vet tries to play like because he's a vet, he's got all the answers over me. I have no intention on going on to try censoring Greydon's language and digital moves, but I'll call BS when I see it, from behind a laptop or if I see it in real life. I'll just try to keep you out of it. And yes, I find Rick Scott highly offensive and have joined other groups online and in protest of his actions/lack of rational action in real life. See you in a year.

Cause what divide? You are trying to create now by trying to get people to side with you for something you took way out of text. The rape offends you for what ever reason, but there are people who are offend by someone clothes, I hate seeing fat people eating at fast food joints, but trying to put them only blast will only make me look like an ass. Ok rape is a bad things, but so are a lot of things and a lot of words have lost their meaning or those words got attention, because they were used for something bad. You look at the naming of hurricanes the Name katrinia will never be used again, because it caused so much damage and people were killed. Why because naming another storm katrinia would be offensive to some. greydon said sorry on facebook and twitter and yet you blast him on here. After he said sorry you still came here to tell more people how much of an ass he is. You are an adult and I'm damn sure you knew he was not talking about raping a woman or hurting anyone, he didn't disrespect a single person, just a damn taco something you put in your mouth and eat. If you go on youtube you will see a lot of videos from months ago that talk about raping tacos. Another story this guy wrote a book called the pedophiles guide, that shit had me offended, because I have a child and that information could provoke harm to a child, but him saying or doing a song about raping a taco...come on what people are going to go out and rape taco aka eat them.

Again I truly feel this was nothing more than a personal attack. Also like you said you don't have to agree with everything he says, so if you do like oh well, move pass it. FYI don't shit get change blogging about it, you got to go out in your communities to get things done and make people aware of the issues. I'm just still in awe that you put this guy on blast after he said sorry, that is what I call an asshole move, not to mention you print screen his social sites, so you put thoughts into it.


so ANSWER  me this. What do you want to be the outcome of this blog? I mean he said sorry, so what do you want him to do now? I'm just wondering. 


I screenshot that stuff immediately as I saw it, and as of the time I did that and decided to make this post I hadn't seen any apology on his FB for anything. After saying sorry in this forum, he went to say how he doesn't understand, and me trying to explain is apparently an attack to other people.

I've made my responses to him and left it at that. I haven't gone on a crusade to vilify Greydon. This wasn't an issue of "Look at me. Side with me. I can write a post!" as it was I wanted to point out an actual example of the shit that divides us, when discourse surrounding diversity within the movement arise. It should have been a jumping off point for dialogue, but instead it became an attack Cet, "she's simply soft and we need to tell her what offensive really is, since she wants to put a good atheist dude out there". All I wanted was for us (Greydon included, tho I didn't expect him here since it was inconsequential on FB) to see this divide and potentially seek to understand where it comes from, which includes discussion around minimizing rape, which no one seems interested in or aware of, so I'm done with.

Anything else?

come on, you got to come better than that. fyi i was army a cg

FYI you did not lose me, you just seem confused on why you took it this far. One things I have notice a lot of women have such strong egos, I'm not saying be submissive, but I am saying stop being such a bitch some times and trying to make yourself a victim. I grew up for 13 year with a man that drinks come home beats my sister, my mom , and I and to this day I do not drink and hate drunks. You can not heal from a trauma in life if you can't find humor in it. I laugh about things in Iraq now, but just three years ago I couldn't even talk about anything. Just like the word nigger, it does not hurt me because through education I have healed from that word also and as an educated woman you should know when something as simple as a word should not hurt you. 

I'm sure just like me Greydon feels if a man rapes anyone his ass needs to die. End of story. That is how serious I take rape, I use to teach a rape prevention and defense course, so I know all about what victims go through. from the stories they say. There are different meaning for the word molest, it just does not pertain to a child. 

I would never try to censor you or try to twist something you said around to make you look like an ass.





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