Every so often, I see blog posts crop up asking where all the atheist women are at, or why our presence is so lacking. Aside from the factors of who the media paints as 
"the face of new atheism", there are things that prominent atheists say and do, that at least to me, make it seem like the atheist activist movement may not as progressive as it's made out to be.




On his Facebook/Twitter, rapper Greydon Square posted that he had "raped four tacos". Out of the 31 comments that ensued, only 3 people found this problematic (myself, a woman and a man-yay). Everyone in opposition to us was male. Everyone else was basically offended that we were offended, which Greydon went on to quote from an Eminem song. He also went on to say that,

You havent been truly offended until someone starts shooting at you. Then you've been offended

He basically decided to not engage at all and try to shut down dialogue by offering his own conclusion about being offensive, and not addressing anything else.

In instances like this, is it really any wonder why more women aren't crawling out of the woodwork? I'm fine publicly identifying myself as an atheist. But why would I want to stand with anyone who makes lights of rape jokes and who people will just run to their defense when I have a problem with it? Also, why wouldn't I question whether all atheists are critical thinkers when so many publicly have such knee-jerk reactions that they'll defend examples of rape culture in action, (or whatever prejudice may pop up from an atheist) just because it's an atheist being questioned?

I just wanted to get this out there and provide an example of why women like myself may/do not feel inclusion in this community/movement. 



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You know what you have taken about an hour out of my life and I offended by that. Can I get a I'm sorry? Well I just rape a pack of cookies...they never stood a chance
You can get a good night, and a semper fi, simper for, semper paratus, army strong, or this we'll defend, since I don't know what branch you are. Thank you. Good night.
I'll be back on this site in another year. I have said what I needed to say.......good bye




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