There are likely very few among those who frequent Atheist Nexus who would argue against the idea that indoctrinating children with religion is at minimum less than moral or ethical and more likely considered child abuse. Personally, I have aligned myself with the more severe label for such behavior for most of the time I've been a declared atheist. To me, it disrespects the child's right to become a self-determined person and amounts to forcibly shoving a square, hexagonal, triangular or other shaped dowel into a hole of anything but matching dimensions.

It should surprise no one here that YouTube producer TheraminTrees has tackled this issue with his characteristically comprehensive approach. I am glad to commend his work to your attention.

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Regardless of where your acquaintance gained his higher learning, the real world still lurks out there, just waiting to contradict anything that doesn't align with it.  The party will start sooner or later, and unless someone is utterly determined to shield themselves off from it (and even despite such determination), the real world will eventually have to be faced.

Reality's just a bitch sometimes!  [chuckle!]

Ayann Hirsh Ali said (wrote) that even after giving up god that she sill had fear of hell.

Teaching kids about hell has to be one of the worst forms of child abuse.

Chris, I thought you were lost to the theists.


I'm still here and wasn't lost to the theists.


Thanks, Loren, it has been months since I watched the PurpleFox and Evid3. Watching felt like being with an old friend. 




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