Group objects to Forida DCF head using state email to send prayer to employees

"This message from a Department head to all subordinates is shocking and unconstitutional," Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, wrote to Scott and Wilkins' general counsel Thursday. "The message gives the appearance of government endorsement of Christianity. Civil servants should not be subject to such ridiculous calls to religion in the workplace.

face it folks
it's 'all' decoy when it comes to prayer in gov..
"do your job..
or "let's get to work!" great mantra... why the 'prayers'?

those missing 2months of gubnah transition's emails missing.. ugh hugh...
don't wanna see all those offshore bank account leads right?

ugh hugh.. lying privatizing to death the state.. just like Disney did..
Hitler throwbacks i tell ya!

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