Round about when this site was young (less than 1000 strong) there was a group for writers, of which I was a member.  Then one day, after a few weeks hiatus on my part, I came back to find that not only was the group gone, but all traces of it as well - including some writings and posts that I had made and in my admittedly somewhat presumptuous belief that "what happens on the web stays on the web... FOREVER"  I had not backed up anywhere else.

It is not anything crushingly important, especially since it is now over a year since it has been gone, but I am still curious to know both why the group suddenly collapsed, and also why it was completely erased from existence here on the Nexus.  I always ASSumed that as long as a group had members it would remain.  Is this not the case?  If the creator of a group decides to delete it does the entire group just disappear, or was this some isolated incident/glitch?

Can anyone appease my curiosity (and/or help me get back access to those posts* from yesteryear)?  Or even just let me know what happened to the group and why it suddenly went the way of the Dodo?

*the posts aren't really that important.  just some random poetry and a few ramblings that I sometimes wish I still had a copy of.

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If it's the group I'm thinking of, the person who created it deleted it, then deleted his profile, too. That was back in the days before one could delete one's membership, but leave content on the site. People can still delete an entire group, if they so desire.

Unless those posts were archived on the Wayback Machine, I don't think they can be accessed. I can't remember the name of the group, or the person who started/ended it. I'm sure I'll remember once someone reminds me.
I don't remember his name either, only his avatar. A rather large gent with a gray beard and, if memory serves, a cigar. Perhaps Don will remember, as I recall he was a member of the group as well...
I was a member of that group and loved it. It was "I Write Because I Have To" run by Everett Marx. I was absent for a bit during the time that he left so I have no idea why he left. I did save the contest page though. It's here: IWBIHT Contest.

And, Grundgetta is right, "Unless those posts were archived on the Wayback Machine, I don't think they can be accessed."

Yes! "I Write Because I Have To"! Great group. Sad day when Everett pulled up stakes and left.
Yes that was it! I wonder why Everett left. I always enjoyed his contributions and input. Hope he's happy in whatever it is he's doing.

Anyway, thanks for the input, all. I guess I'll just have to keep on writing without those particular scraps of thought. Oh well.


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