Quote-of-the-day:  "It's not that he's created an anti-tax allergic reaction within the Republican Party. It's that he's been able to define anything that takes away tax subsidies from corporations as a tax increase",  Neera Tanden, Center for American Progress.


So eliminating tax loopholes or bringing rates back to the Clinton era would be defined as 'raising taxes'.   I've been reading that tax rates are at record lows, across the spectrum... if the argument is true that 'low tax rates lead to corporations creating more jobs" why hasn't it happened?  That argument is losing validity.   Wealthy people and successful businesses don't necessarily 'share the wealth' & enlarge their payroll!  They just buy better stuff, take better vacations, and make workers work harder with fewer employees on the books.

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Grover is a tool. I recommend that everyone take a look at this link to The Rude Pundit:

His post about an alternate pledge for Grover Norquist from 7/19/2011 can be summed up by one word - EPIC.




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