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The key for most of us today is in one word - RESIST. This man is playing a "divide and conquer" game and it's the American people that he wants to divide. It's easy to fact check information but you run onto those who claim everything he says is true. Really! How so? If you present facts to them quite often they end up looking at you and saying "fuck you," then just walking away. I always take this to mean that they know they have no facts. It's just that Stump is their man and they will follow him regardless while he divides us and steals us blind. Along the way our country has turned into Reality TV which really means that many of us are losing touch with reality.

There are groups against the Orange One on Facebook, many celebrities are against this thug, including Rae Dawn Chong. Robert Reich does a daily report on the man, and GQ's Keith Olberman reports the nonsense going on. You can watch some of them on You Tube. I'm sure there are others.

My advice is join the resistance. Call tRump and his thugs out on issues by writing your Congressmen and Senators about the nonsense and also attend town meetings if possible. We have to turn some issues by the 2018 mid term to get a better balance in government and some will listen because they want to be re-elected. This includes the Republican Party so we have to tell them we won't stand for this nonsense.

One thing at stake here for atheists is a merging of church and state because a serious attempt to bring religion into public schools is starting again. Betsy DeVos has been brought in to help with that merger as they pull the wool over our eyes. Then we have Mike Pence the VP who is associated with the New Apostolic Reformation which is closely allied with G12. (Look them up) These people are far from Secular and Humanist.

Christofascists have arrived and they are wrapped in the American flag.

I am part of the resistance.  I email, post & share quite a bit on Facebook.  I follow Chomsky & Reich, Olberman & the sorts.  I know of G12.  Anything of import I come across I post & share. March info, petition info, news, websites, contact info for representatives, & so on.  I've designed memes, and a few of my shirts I've designed are related as well w/ a separate store.  I appreciate your response!  

My album of found & original anti-trump memes.

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