Gun-Totin' Jebus Freak Dips Into Family Savings to Buy $300 Ammo

At a dinner party last night, I overheard two sisters talking about a third who lives north of here.  The two -- let's call them Alice and Becky -- were critical of the third sister's husband, Jeff, who followed the gun control controversy and expressed frustration and anxiety.  Alice, whose husband probably has a hunting rifle at most, is fairly open-minded and the least rigidly religious of the three, Becky being more conservative (and more religious), married to a Baptist country boy who probably has a rifle or two and a shotgun.  The gun-lover's wife, Cathy, is an evangelical.  That's right: there is a direct correlation between the extent of their religious inclination and their ownership of weapons. 

While I was with Alice and Becky last night, Becky discussed a phone call she had with Cathy, who was bemoaning the fact that her husband, Jeff, robbed the piggy bank after concluding from Fox News broadcasts that the government was about to pass new gun control laws.  And even if they didn't do that, they were going to pass laws limiting how much ammo you could have, or whether you could use clips of more than ten rounds.  Before she could point out that the money could be better applied to house repairs, things he'd been saying for months, "Oh, I'll fix that."  He indulges his weapons fetish along with one for motorcycles and must have been watching too many Mad Max movies, only in this case it is Mad Jeff.

It became clear to me that Alice and Becky both dislike Jeff. From what I know of him, I am inclined to agree.  I grew apprehensive about him several years ago, before he and Cathy moved away.  He gave a brother-in-law a thick, full color, fully detailed encyclopedia of arms and ammunition.  While we were saying the dinner prayer, I engage in my usual blotting out of the "blessing" and interiorization of what I had learned up to that point.  One thing is that gun freaks tend to be deeply religious, but if ever there was a non sequitur surely it is giving someone a book about things that kill on the day their silly Christ was born. Another thing is that for guys like Jeff, guns and ammo become an obsession.  I have to wonder about people obsessed with guns who also have apocalyptic religious beliefs. 

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Guns are strange. My Dad caught hell from friends when he traded a .306 for a 30-30 Winchester.  They said the .306 was easily the best deer hunting rifle, but Dad said the 30-30 was lighter.  When I shot my one and only deer, I proved Dad right.  Nobody to this day believes the story but I was straddled between tree branches high above a pasture, and in order to make the shot, I had to twist my torso about almost 180 degrees, reshoulder the 30-30 and resight.  I did.  It was an eight point buck and I had killed it with an ass shot.  Pssst do not tell anyone around here, they will take to callin' me "Ass Shot." 

I am very proud of the fact that I have never killed another animal since, and I was in my teens.  The host for the shoot was my best friend's Dad, a surgeon who had suffered a stroke and had to take up anesthesiology.  Doc seemed p.o.'d that I had killed the only deer, his sons being empty handed at the end of a week-end hunt.  I went hunting once after that and was not even tempted.  I did it mostly for camaraderie.  Everyone had a bottle of Canadian whiskey.

$300.00 isn't that much to drop on amo.  I question his reasoning, but not the action.  I hope that he rotates his stock.  Not doing so could result in damage to equipment or personal injury.

I agree that it wouldn't be under normal circumstances,  but when you need that $300 for things like providing a warm place for your kids to sleep at night, it's almost unimaginable.  If there were a clear and present threat of violence,  maybe, but not other than that.

I agree with you James in that I would be leery of that Jeff guy too. I think it's worrisome that he is obsessed with guns and the end times.

What people like Jeff don't realize is that the NRA, ammo and gun manufactures and retailers use the gun control debate to inflate prices on ammunition and guns.  After Obama was elected in 2008 ammo prices skyrocketed (a box of 50, 380 cal bullets was $65 dollars at a local gun shop here in Tennessee)  because the NRA President Wayne LaPierre and others said Obama was out to take their guns and restrict the purchase of ammunition which didn't happen. Now it will start again and the  ammo, gun manufactures and the retailers will laugh all the way to the bank.

Since the last time I shopped for shells was probably around 1980, I am astonished at how high cartridges are. It's as if they're trying to keep up with cigarettes.  But I think there should be a new tax to cover families of victims of gun use and abuse. And if you do not own a gun, you are exempt from the tax.  Now that Chief Justice Roberts has said congress can use the taxing clause to justify, e.g. Obamacare (actually the ACA), why not make him put his money where his opinion was.

Jim, you naughty boy!

I've spent my life refining my naughtiness.

if only pot and prostitution were legal.. there'd be less of xyz gun nutting.. haaaa whaaaa

Give 'em something else to do with their free time and disposable income, eh?  ;)


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