How ironic is it that a man who works at a gun range is shot, and killed, by a nine year old? The man was teaching her to shoot an uzi. I know many people won't like this but I find a kind of poetic justice in it. Put a fully loaded sub machine gun in the hands of a child and what do you expect? Children shouldn't handle guns. Period. The parents, state or firing range should be held responsible for the trauma done to the nine year old girl involved.

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k.h. I do find the irony in this. I have the greatest amount of sympathy for the little girl involved in this. Because of her parents, and some dip-shit who loved him some Jesus, which god gave him the right to bear arms, the stupid f$%ktard is dead. Not that I give 2 shits. The ignorant clown took himself out of the gene pool. Good for us.

But, she'll have to live with the incompetence and negligence of her "instructor," and the piss poor parenting of her idiot mother and father. 

This is child abuse, sanctioned, approved, and promoted by the State of Arizona. What a f&*cking black hole and rat hole for human morality that State is.

I agree with every word you wrote. I think there should be some charge filed for it being allowed. Negligence on the part of the parents maybe?

Problem is, Arizona lets 8 year olds get firearm training. And, AZ has little to no standards on who is qualified to "instruct" a child on the use of deadly force. I liken that State to the central African countries that have child soldiers. Give a kid a gun, and let them shoot at real, or pretend (as the target she was shooting at) humans, and see what happens. And, it's all perfectly legal - depending on the jurisdiction- take your pick. Arizona or The Democratic People's Republic of the Congo 

k.h. -- ......and to think I once had thought of moving to AZ for my (physical) health -- and to get away from the likes of "Mitch Mac"; but now I wonder about which place is worse!

Just read the BBC article related to this even. Interesting how they rationalise the responsibility aspect of teaching children how to use guns. They don't seem to recognise that there are many other better ways of teaching children responsibility.Way too many guns in this world but lots of people making lots of money so not likely to change sadly.

You're right, Pat; we can thank the guy for taking his DNA from the gene pool. He also traumatized the girl.

While in the Navy I fired five shots from a submachine gun and with both arms was unable to keep the barrel from "walking" higher with each shot.

But please, I lived in Phoenix for seven years. After you've walked down into and up out of the Grand Canyon (I did it twice), spent ten days floating down the Canyon on an oar-powered raft, and hiked the Superstition Mountains east of Phoenix, you will know Arizona deserves a government better than it has.

Notice, I did not say Arizonans deserve a government better than the one they elected.

I've been to AZ, and it's a beautiful state. I especially like the Flagstaff area, and have been to the Grand Canyon and Meteor Crater. Spectacular!. As to their government, I tend to agree, though being from Illinois, I'm in no position to be overly critical. Our governors set the bar for term limits - one in office and the other in federal prison.

While in Arizona, I heard Illinois and Arizona described as the only states that had blind trusts for landowners. Like Swiss bank accounts, blind trusts conceal their owners' identities and enable political corruption.

Soon after I left AZ, the FBI did a sting that resulted in several legislators going to prison.

Tom -----  but, but.....don't forget, AZ has dear Ole, "Sarah Palin Picking" John!!!!

Yeah, his picking her was a disaster. The Repubs nominating him was also a disaster.

No Repub with presidential quality wanted to lose because George W. had screwed up. He left a mess so big that American racists couldn't elect a Repub.

Leaving Phoenix in 1976 to go to San Francisco was like returning to the 20th century.

They should file charges against the parents for child endangerment.  First, for putting a lethal weapon in her hands, which endangers her life, and second, for the same issue, which really did result in a death, and for which she will likely be traumatized.  I would be.

Mindy, I know what you mean. I once liked someone, and that memory has haunted me for many years,




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