I personally do agree with the right to bare arms in the United States. I do not wish this conversation to turn into a debate on this issue. I only mention it to make it clear that my position is not anti-gun, but rather the hypocrisy of Christianity and guns.

 The talking points go something like Christians need guns to protect their rights to continue in their faith as Christians. As a former Christian I believed this line of crap myself. The basic fundamental problem with this is the will of an all knowing all powerful god. If he is all powerful and all knowing we could in no way do anything he does not wish to happen. So in this case no matter what we do, Gods will, will be done. So there is no since I protecting ourselves, if God wishes us to be raped, killed, or taken as slaves it will be so. Likewise if God wishes our enemies to cause us no harm, it will be so.

   So why must Christians have to defend themselves at all? In fact to take it further if they did attempt to defend themselves there could be a chance that they were indeed acting against Gods will. If God allowed them to be harmed by this logic it is indeed Gods will.

  It is my belief that Christians whom must tote guns simply do not truly trust or even believe in their God. Otherwise their would be no need for guns, armies or even door locks. So when a gun toting Christian asserts his right to protect his religion simply ask why God won't do it himself and if he is so powerful and active in the world why he needs a gun at all? Can he change gods will, if God wishes him harm for a "test" will he not be tested? If God wishes him protection from harm will he not be protected? If he believes he must protect himself does he actually believe in his God?

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"Pray as if everything depended on god, then act as if everything depended on you."

I remember reading that quote from the second "prophet" of mormonism, Brigham Young.  

He probably heard it from Saints James, Augustine, Benedict and Ignatius; Cardinals Newman and Spellman; Salvation Army founder William Booth, Vernita Heckel, John Krumm, S. H. Payer, John Wesley, his wife Susanna Wesley, several rabbis, a Jewish prayer book, Martin Luther, Lillian Gish, Patricia Levins, or a New England baseball coach. 

This quote, among may other quotes and actions, such as gun totting, appears to me to be a lack of faith on the part of many xtians.

The mormon "faith", the one I was brainwashed into as a young child, also advises their members to pay for insurance, and stock their homes with 2 years worth of food & water, just to name two more lack of faith teachings.

Yeah, faith. Despite my youthful claims that I was a Catholic, I did nothing to speed my trip to my next life. One reason was that I enjoyed masturbation.

Ancient Egyptians enjoyed masturbation. Fertility was a big part of their lives and it was customary to masturbate into the Nile river.

Self Interest defined - men devising a religious rite that requires them to masturbate into the Nile River, or anywhere.

I'm a gun advocate but some do not know it. I see lots of problems caused by guns and you can carry in Missouri now without a permit. They call it Constitutional carry.

I'm sure many will put their religion and bias into these 2 cases.

1. Zimmerman was a cop wanna be who was going to have young Martin held at gun point when the police    arrived. All Martin sees is a man with a gun and no uniform making claims. Something went horribly wrong.

2. At a gas station a concealed carry person is upset by a vehicle with super loud music. Words are exchanged and he fires into the vehicle and it speeds off. There are rumors of a second gun, but the victim dies with no other gun ever being found. At the first trial the shooter gets off. There is a second trial where the shooter gets life in prison.

I could go on and on with these types of stories all taken from our news reports. My Christian friend is a carry gun type who wonders why I'm not involved and why I do not carry. His group is like Jesus and guns. That's really funny. Now let's go back in time before the gun became popular and we find swords were the thing. More people were killed in the name of Christianity than we can imagine. Times have changed but I'm sure people still justify the use of their gun by their religious beliefs. All you have to do after that point is to throw in racial and other bias to get a better picture.

Now just throw in elected government officials who thrive on dividing our people (as we have now) and you see how this mayhem will all continue. Back 30 years ago I would have carried. Today I am proud not to carry.

The contradiction is this: on the one hand they say they must rely on themselves for their protection, but in the next breath will tell you to place all your trust in their deity: "Let go and let god". Their fixation on guns is motivated by another, darker agenda, which is, as usual, glaringly obvious.

In my mind today "gun control hysteria" is simply stupid people and I'm seeing more and more of those. Some examples are gun toting moms in Walmart with a toddler in the shopping cart. The kid pulls mom's pistol out of her purse and blows her brains out.

Rather than cries for gun control we should be pushing for the Darwin Award. Mom wasn't able to take care of her gun or her child.

Darwinian selection seems to work in fits and starts - think of all the people armed to the teeth who died at Waco. On an individual scale it seems to move slowly, like Walmart mom or all those kids killing each other in Chicago, most of whom would probably identify as Christian, although they arent "killing for christ." In the past year there was a show on PBS, http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/films/the-armor-of-light/, that followed a Christian minister who was a staunch gun advocate. After talking to victims of gun violence he came to realize how anti-Christian gun advocacy is. Interesting program. Michael Penn makes an interesting point about Christians replacing swords with guns.

I'm non-partisan. Both parties are corrupted by money.

Republicans are cruel; their health care policy is "Die quickly!" and their poverty policy "Starve quietly!"

Democrats are dumb; they would tax business income (The amount paid is added to the retail price) and ban guns (Only crimanals should bear arms).




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