How ironic is it that a man who works at a gun range is shot, and killed, by a nine year old? The man was teaching her to shoot an uzi. I know many people won't like this but I find a kind of poetic justice in it. Put a fully loaded sub machine gun in the hands of a child and what do you expect? Children shouldn't handle guns. Period. The parents, state or firing range should be held responsible for the trauma done to the nine year old girl involved.

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@Tom - I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that doesn't necessarily mean you favor nine-year-olds playing with uzis and crazy people having easy access to automatic weapons.

You're right, Bertold.

A co-worker when I was earning money to finish college told me the most sensible thing I've ever heard about guns.

He had young children and said he didn't let them have toy guns. He added that when they can assume some responsibility, he would show them how to use real guns safely.

He was challenging America's very culture.

That so many politicians fear the NRA is a powerful ADDITIONAL argument for limiting their terms.

Another argument for term limits is that incumbents are incapable of reforming the system that made possible their election to office.

The Articles of Confederation (Remember them?) limited members of the national congress to two terms. They had to sit out a term before they could run again.

Ben Franklin said he wouldn't condemn anyone to a life among the servant class without letting them live among the rulers occasionally.

That was in America's more idealistic days, when the term "consent of the governed" had meaning.

Freethinker31, I like your option. Cut off the money and NRA will begin to listen. Do you think NRA members would do such a thing? I sincerely doubt it, listening to the NRA members I know. They seem to value access to guns and ammunition more than safety in the home and on the streets. They do claim easy access to guns insure our safety; the statistical evidence, even though correlation studies, reveal that the more guns and ammo, the more death of the innocent. 

SCIENCE Visualizing gun deaths – Comparing the U.S. to rest of the ...

I agree with you Freethinker. The NRA isn't all bad. It's the people using it for their own gain that are bad.
And, Tom is right. Term limits would go a long way to addressing,a lot of these issues. And that includes removing lifetime appointments. To much power, concentrated in to few is never a good idea.
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