I know we're all different thinkers, but I'm just curious if there is a consensus view among atheists regarding firearms?

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let me put it like this


I'm glad I have the ability to carry a firearm.  It makes me feel safer, and more confident about my family's (and my own) survival if some kind of life threatening situation arose.  not many situations would warrant it, but if one did I'd be covered.  


I know that I would never abuse the privilege of carrying my weapon.  I don't want to hurt anyone~ but if I was in a situation where I had to, I would have the ability to defend myself.  I've been trained in firearm safety, and I'm a member of the military; I know how to use a firearm to kill and for self defense.


I see no reason why I shouldn't be able to have a firearm as a security policy.  I practice somewhat regularly, I'm fairly accurate at a long distance, but most importantly I have the proper respect for the firearm that warrants responsible use.


that being said, why shouldn't I be allowed to have one?

Having finally gotten around to watch Walking Dead, I will consider "Zombie Plague" as an acceptable argument in favor of gun ownership.

There wouldn't be a shortage of guns available. Ammo might become a problem at some point though.
That's highly doubtful, for instance I personally think all fully automatic firearms should be illegal to possess if you're not in the military. Of course I share that view concerning any semi-automatic firearm that can easily be converted to fire at full auto or burst fire. However I do support liberalizing our knife laws. A switchblade is a lot less likely to hurt bystanders then a semi-automatic pistol ever would. You can also train in either silat or pekiti tersia kali to learn knife fighting so that you'd become more effective in self-defense.

Just Fyi, to purchase a silencer kit or automatic trigger assembly you have to have a class 3 FFL (Federal Firearms License, only for distributers) which can only be gotten after giving extensive amounts of information.  after that, any kit you purchase (they are specifically numbered so they can be tracked) will be your sole responsiblity if used in a crime.  While the system isn't perfect, for every day people its very difficult to convert to an automatic weapon (or nearly impossible) unless you know a license holder personally who will take the rap for you as well.  In all honesty, semi automatic is almost the same as automatic if you pull the trigger fast enough...  I guess I'm just trying to say that the regulations in place are pretty stringent already.  I am saying this from Pa, which is like a northern version of kentucky.  almost everyone I know has a firearm, my one neighbor has over 150~ but the only people I know of that have an automatic are dealers who are authorized.. so at least from my vantage point it seems to be working.  Illegal weapons are a different story though...


Btw I've seen studies that say stabbings are in many cases more dangerous than gunshots due to the blades ability to not only punch but slice through a lot more of the integral parts of your body.  often stab wounds are more painful, take a longer time to heal, and do more damage to the body (might also be attributed to the higher accuracy of the attacker as well)

I probably shouldn't waste any time worrying about it. Just I have no trouble imagining someone acquiring the specs for the parts to convert a semi-automatic gun into a fully automatic gun and using them to build them with various metal fabrication methods. It'll be interesting to see if that becomes a problem in 3d printing in the future. However I imagine 3d printing to be too cost prohibitive at present to be used in such a way. That doesn't mean it won't become cheaper over time.

Regardless my main stance is that knives need less restrictions then guns do. Where as right now certain types of knives have far more restrictions on the local and state level then guns do. Or at least that's how it is in Texas.

As for the mechanics of the human finger, well let's just say there exist fully automatic guns on the market that your finger will never match in terms of fire rate. Hell I imagine the reaction time for the information to travel from your brain to your trigger finger is a major impediment to matching such a fire rate.

you are absolutely right about the last point you made~ the G18 fires about ten rounds a second, expending 30 round in a little under 3 seconds.  that firing rate is insane.  just estimating when I fire my M16A2 its about 300 rounds per minute, and some sub-machine guns (like the IDF's UZI) fire in excess of 600 rpm.  I guess I'm not really arguing any point here, but I love discussing firearms (you can thank the military for that).  The only consolation here may be that the higher the firing rate, and the sustained rate of fire, the lower [substantially] the accuracy.  I've heard that gun laws are pretty lax in texas~ not so up here in the commonwealth..  


Here's an example of what we are talking about...


Am I the only one who noticed the sten gun in the background?

In texas and oklahoma, they have shot gun racks for truck windows, hold about 3 to 4 different guns in them.  not uncommon at all for 3 out of 5 people to be packing a pistol.

I like the point you made about responsibility~ if that were the true issue, then people wouldn't be allowed to drive, for far more people are killed on highways than in shootings.  people are afraid, and raising awareness and teaching people to use firearms (which are merely tools to begin with) responsibly are key.  agree again with your comment on an AZ law~ I'm not familiar with it, but if you are right... Permits help keep people responsible for how they use their concealed weapon.  

Lovely. You're going to love this story then, especially if it becomes the standard when it reaches the Supreme Court.



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