I know we're all different thinkers, but I'm just curious if there is a consensus view among atheists regarding firearms?

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Did they ever catch him?  Sounds to me like he deserves to be up on charges of treason more then Pvt. Manning does.

No, they didn't

Well fuck.

Let me just say that 2 days ago I got to exercise my second amendment right when 3 guys tried to rob me outside of my house.  Once they saw me pull a gun, they started to back off and leave, but if I hadnt?  I'd say I'd have at least a mild beating, if not more of one.  Yay guns and gun ownership.
I'm glad that situation worked out for you and you didn't get hurt or have to shoot anyone.  I doubt your story will get any publicity.  You don't hear about self defensive firearm use, especially when people don't get shot.  Just brandishing the weapon most times is enough to scare the attacker away.
yeah, the thing is it gave me control in a situation where I wouldn't otherwise have it~ and I needed it.  the confidence I've gained has been well worth it
Me, I'm for guns. And not the 'second amendment'. I could care less about some scribblings on parchment put together by a bunch of dead white mercantalist elites. I've got a right to own a God damn rocket launcher if I want, and anyone who wants to prevent me is a gangster.
I think every one shoud own a firearm!! I run my local chapter of Pinkpistols.org im prod to be atheists!

We don't do guns in the UK and and it's all going quite well, I'm anti-gun and anti-knife. But canada have rather a lot and do well. Charitably I might say the problems handgun use, but I think the problem is Americans. Maybe if you solved all the terrible inequality, poverty and low education standards you might not all feel the need to "get heated".

As far as brandishing goes, it can often be the case that all it does it escalate the situations and make it  more dangerous.

I have a recurve bow in my closet though, just in case the zombies come.

But its NOT GOING WELL IN UK you have more crime rapes and killings your very wrong!! more guns good ppl mean lower crime take a good guy or women with a gun take down bad man or women with a guy all of UK been brain washed!! NOT the police man or women to protect you your job to do it!!



proud (GLBT) American gun owner

  Seany Spradlin


When was the last time you have heard of a mass killing in the UK.  Knives don't do that.  Semi-automatics do.
yes bad men and women with guns!! guns DONT KILL!!! if dont like then DONT COME TO AMERICA!!


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