I know we're all different thinkers, but I'm just curious if there is a consensus view among atheists regarding firearms?

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I hope your right.

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I know you worked with her.  Did you know the aide that was killed, Gabe Zimmerman?

there no assault weapons thats what all gun graber say we dont need any more regulations we have all that we need  you shoud watch this video will say lot nicer then other are . im proud say i have a sig 40 p226 and a pink sub 9 and i own AK-47 love shooting it  you shoud see this videos

Wayne LaPierre

Charlton Heston:

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like i say assault weapons dont excest only gun grabers say that did watch video on wayne? yes you can yous them for hunting i seen my freind got a deer with one!! NO SEMI Shoud be ban!!
If you are referring to an "assault weapon" in regards to the real sense in that it is a selectable fire fully automatic rifle, then it is already illegal to own without going through the NFA, which is next to impossible.  If you are referring to a semi automatic rifle that looks scary, then you don't know what you are talking about.  There is no such thing as a semi automatic assault weapon.  If you ban semi auto, you ban about every handgun and rifle on the market now a days.  Not constitutional, or practical. 
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Automatic weapons are already heavily controlled through the National Firearms Act.  From what I've read, you can't even legally own a receiver for a fully automatic firearm that was made after 1994 as a civilian, even if you go through the NFA.  I could be wrong on that, but that's how I understand it.  Civilians don't own "assault weapons" legally without going through the NFA.  If they do have one and have gone through the NFA, you can bet your buns they aren't using it to commit a crime with. 


See this informative you tube video for more information.


The Truth About Semi-Auto Firearms

It's a complex issue. Canadian firearms ownership is twice as high per capita than the USA, yet the death by gun rate is 10x less, but we are also 10x less populated, we have less density and population strife than the USA. Mind you, most guns up here are hunting rifles, not semis and automatics!


When you look at countries rebelling, like Libya, I am constantly amazed at how armaments so accumulate outside of government... notice how these recent successful rebellions were not necessarily armed? When it comes to rebellion, numbers and popularity are more important than weaponry it seems.


In the end, I think the use of the word gun is inefficient and misleading. All weaponry/arms should to be classified according to lethality and specific regulations passed accordingly for each category. There is I think a tendency in the USA to oversimplify this debate, that is a disservice.

In regards to the Middle East protests, the successful ones were a result of the military not being willing to shoot unarmed civilians.  I commend them for this, and it shows they have integrity and respect for their citizenry, or at the very least realize that shooting civilians is a really shitty way to remain in power, and will probably expedite your ouster.  If that goes out the window though, you don't have a protest movement, you have a civil war, and the side without the guns loses.  Even more so if the West doesn't intervene.  Add to that a highly tribal nature to these countries, and it's not surprising that they have arms like they do outside of government.  It's a matter of survival if shit hits the fan, which it seems to do a lot in those countries.



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