I know we're all different thinkers, but I'm just curious if there is a consensus view among atheists regarding firearms?

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It's getting worse.  Ever hear of spell check?
 some time spell check dont fine word try spell  nevre coud spell good i can read better then i can spell
I hope your right.

im a atheists

I know you worked with her.  Did you know the aide that was killed, Gabe Zimmerman?

@seany spradlin~ You need to take a break, you are slowly unlearning how to spell.


As I've mentioned earlier, I'm against certain forms of firearm regulation (I do agree with regulations on assault weapons) but I think that we should focus more on the root problems that lead to these incidents, not the tools that are used in them.  We should have more education when it comes to firearms, not just making them harder to get.

as far as semi automatic pistols, two revolvers or one semi-automatic acp?  in the end you'd have the same number of shots fired, just one entails more than one pistol (revolvers aren't considered semi-automatic because of the loading process.  you can still fire in rapid succession.  The only real non-rapid fire pistol is something like a flintlock~ imagine what pirates had.  thats what you'd be looking at)

America has a long history of firearms that is intertwined with the history of guns themselves~ removing the right to own one or severely limiting that ability would more than likely give us results lik what's happening in mexico with the drug cartels.  Interestingly enough, gun ownership hasn't protected many people down there; the argument is, however, that having one and not needing it would be better than the opposite.

We just need to do more to promote a culture of safety when using firearms, understanding the legal ramifications, maybe a little more to promote mental health (for those in arizona, for that seems to be the real problem here) and making sure that people don't have ready access to a weapon that can cause gratuitous damage.  How does that sound?

there no assault weapons thats what all gun graber say we dont need any more regulations we have all that we need  you shoud watch this video will say lot nicer then other are . im proud say i have a sig 40 p226 and a pink sub 9 and i own AK-47 love shooting it  you shoud see this videos

Wayne LaPierre

Charlton Heston:

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@seany spradlin~ you can't "grammar" very well either.  you might want to take more time to check what you are posting, as not only does poor communication skills make it harder for your point to get across, but it detracts credibility from you too.


I'm curious where the limits on assault weapons should be.  It would seem to me that having few of them should be the limit, as they have very little practical application in sporting or home defense.  Unless you are facing a full on assault from many people at a distance, an assault rifle is impractical.  you can't use them for hunting in most states either, so they end up only being for show or target practice.  I will watch the videos when I have time, but alas I fear I already know what they will say, and it doesn't sway my opinion that  there should be some reasoned, common sense limitations that detect when hobby or self defense traverses into an unreasonably offensive situation.

like i say assault weapons dont excest only gun grabers say that did watch video on wayne? yes you can yous them for hunting i seen my freind got a deer with one!! NO SEMI Shoud be ban!!
If you are referring to an "assault weapon" in regards to the real sense in that it is a selectable fire fully automatic rifle, then it is already illegal to own without going through the NFA, which is next to impossible.  If you are referring to a semi automatic rifle that looks scary, then you don't know what you are talking about.  There is no such thing as a semi automatic assault weapon.  If you ban semi auto, you ban about every handgun and rifle on the market now a days.  Not constitutional, or practical. 


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